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Back From G I Doctor


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I'm confused. What was the reason for the appointment? Did she diagnose anorexia as in -- starving yourself because of a distorted body image-- or anorexia as in, skinny because you aren't eating due to trying avoid physical symptoms brought on by eating? What kind of outpatient treatment would this be?

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This is the strange part...and maybe I am confused too...

Both she and my family doctor claim to know what POTS is but they don't think the symptoms I'm experiencing after eating or while eating are POTS related.

She listened to me and said this is stress and we need to get you help.

She said I needed a psychiatrist but there are no good ones around here.

She left the room came back and said she would like to get me inpatient at a good place in CIincinnati to deal with my anorexia and anxiety.

I cried and told her I was worried about my kids.

She told me I was in crisis and I needed to get better so I could take care of my kids....

Instead of sending me inpatient where I guess they would feed me, give me anxiety meds, and probably do talk therapy I opted to go to my nurse therapist.

They are convinced I am having panic attacks.

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I agree with Reen. Even though it seems impossible to do because of your kids, it is BECAUSE of your kids that getting any help right now might help you on a path to fixing this. It might be the wrong starting gate, but it might eventually end up at the right path. If they can get you through this initial crisis of your body not handling the food correctly, and ease some of your ongoing anxiety, then maybe everyone can sit down and start again from square one, and really go through your history and symptoms. You will always have people here talking you through your bad days and high-fiving you through any small victories!

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You poor thing! I know this is all terribly frightening, but as other posters have pointed out, you can't care for your children if you don't care for yourself. It is vitally important that you figure out what is causing the weight loss, and an inpatient stay may be the best way to get that done. Especially considering the fact that rapid weight loss puts a tremendous strain on your heart. You really do need to get a clear diagnosis for you're POTSy symptoms. POTS can affect just about everything, and GI issues like gastroparesis and slow motility are extremely common with us.

I am an anorexia survivor, was diagnosed very young, I was only 11. My weight loss of recent months are completely different from my weight loss back in my days of rigorous fasting. And it is mainly the reasons that are different, the end result is very similar. But I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and that was probably responsible for a great deal of my weight loss, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc. Not once did I consciously decide to skip meals, I was simply to nauseated to eat. The chronic diarrhea was not the result of any meds, just severe GI irritation. If you didn't understand my history, you could have chalked up my recent weight loss to my history of anorexia, and I would have continued to spiral out of control. So when you see your nurse you need to insist on comprehensive testing.


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There was a time where I had extreme symptoms with eating and I was down to 80 something lbs and I actually had more of a throat feeling problem and anxiety which was due to POTS or anxiety or both, but anyway I got out of that phase with lexapro and I blended my food in a blender, and after taking it about 4 months I quit taking it and was eating mostly normal and back to a healthy weight. SO even with POTS or anxiety as the culprit you should be getting some help soon even with therapy.I hope you get relief soon and hopefully you have family that can help with the kids if you do have to go impatient.

It will get better I once was 80 something lbs and now 102 and trying to get to 115 or 120 but have some problems going on myself...But I'm also awaiting therapy .

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In my late 20's I was hospitalized for weeks because i had severe pain every time I ate. I was tiny. Eventually, the hospital sent a psychiatrist in to figure out why i was CHOOSING not to eat :angry: I explained that I loved food. It just hurt when I ate. It helped that my husband was in the room and verified that I could eat more pizza than he could :D

I agree with everyone that you need to help yourself to be a better Mom. I just want you to get help where there are medical doctors who can check your vitals, adrenaline, cortisone, urinary methylhistamine, serum tryptase if you feel badly after you eat. If you are only being evaluated by those in the psychiatric profession- they will see what they are looking for ;) which may not tell the whole story...

My son's autonomic issues also manifested with mainly GI symptoms. He was treated by docs at the Kennedy Kreiger Feeding Disorders Clinic- even the name denotes anorexia by choice :rolleyes: (He was having severe anxiety at the time as well.) These docs were on the forefront of connecting GI issues with autonomic dysfunctions. They actually did some of Mack's GI testing during a TTT. That's the kind of place where I'd love you to find help.

I'm sending lots of love and prayers that you get to the right place and find much needed help.



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Sending you lots of prayers and hugs. As many posters have shared, you need to put your health 1st so you can be able to take care of the kids. You are at a crisis weight and need IV nutrition. To get this quickly, you need to be an inpatient to get started so they can regulate you and once they stabilize you, they can send you home on what they call Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) through an IV Port or Catheter or Tube feeding through a Peg Tube which you can do at home with a home care nurse and even manage yourself. Seeing a Psychiatrist can also help with getting you on medication(s) for the anxiety and stressful feelings. Again, once you are stable, you can follow-up with a Psychiatrist on an outpatient basis. I am hoping you have a strong family or friend support system and need to call on them to help with the kids as soon as possible. Hang in there and stay on top of this:(

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I was just worried that they might ignore the physical symptoms and label you with a psych diagnosis. Mack's Mom said it well. Obviously 89 lbs is not good and poor nutrition can make matters worse. Oh how frustrating this POTS thing is -- it can just cause a whole new set of problems. And more frustrating that Dr's don't really understand it or know what to do for us. I hope you will get some real help. Keep us posted.

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Guest letitbe


I used to read your posts when I was having cyber problems and I do not recall this issue. Has it been spoken of all along?

God, how we would all benefit, (the whole world) from FUNCTIONAL in-patient facilities that look at the whole person!!!


Anyone have the $$$ for us all to go to a great spa in Santa Fe?

When I think of the LACK OF QUALITY of mental health care, it is sickening.

We can look at society and see it. It took Rosylyn Carter 30+ years to finish her book on this and she said there has been no improvement than when she began.

Eating? I think my h-rate keeps my appetite gone till late day early eveing. Then I eat too much at night. Then my digestion gets all screwed up.

You will get balance. I believe with all I am that when we are tweaked in so many different body/mind depts, it is a mess. BUT WE ARE AMAZING. Is there anyone who can help with your domestic commitments? I am not far!

( -:


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To answer the question whether this is new my symptoms are always changing so around Thanksgiving it felt like I was having vasovagal episode just out of the blue.

I would get a feeling in my gut, feel flushed and just a fuzzy feeling all over. It would feel like I was going to pass out or die and I would get rectal stimulation with it that made me feel as if I had to have a bowel movement along with some adrenaline surges.

Then at Christmas I had the stress of the holidays plus my husband kept putting pressure on the fact he had a business trip to japan it was a long one and what makes me angry is he gives himself an extra weekend to shop and hang out there as if I need more days to be left alone with the care of the children....

Well he builds this up and keeps dumping it on me....the week before he left he was a mess and stressed out of his gourd almost unapproachable.

He did leave me with money but no groceries in the house and son needed to start indoor soccer the weekend he left.

My eating problems coincided with this time.

He is getting ready for another trip in March and is starting the build up again.

He is very hard on me accuses me of neglect of the children, tells me how I need to do things around here, weekend before last wanted to create a laundry system with totes stacked up for all the clean clothes to go in.

It would have been more helpful if he would have just done a few loads of his own laundry it's so heavy I can barely lift it.

So he is very critical of me dumps a lot of stress on me and is not much help here I'm sorry to say.

It is very possible stress is causing some of my issue.

I would love to eat pizza, spaghetti, all of the things I used to love I just can't without getting deathly ill.

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Laundry system ... Hmmmm. A common response I use is I'll add that to the bottom of my to do list. You need to take care of you. We have 4 kids as well. There is more work in this house than the 2 of us can conquor. I had a chat with my husband regarding the areas I felt I was struggling with. I told him I either needed more help or I needed to hire someone to help and we would budget that in. I now have a house keeper who comes every other week and use babysitters during the summer. Dinner Divas ... that was a fun find ... they deliver meals to the house and all you have to do is heat them up.

My husband travels as well. when he's gone practices and games are on hold if I'm not up to it. They will survive missing an event. Some times I can recruit another parent to take my child. They know I'm struggling and are usually more than willing when asked. Chronic illness is hard because people forget you're sick and don't offer help. When I do ask though my friends have really stepped up.

A also try to time my family visitors with my husbands travel. They Get grandkid/niece/nephew time and I get extra help. So tough and so exhausting. I'm always overwhelmed. Don't forget to take care of you though!!!! All those things are listed put a dent in the budget but hospital bills are way more expensive than dinner divas,babysitters, and housekeepers.

Hope your appointment goes well Saturday! Take care of yourself and hopefully all else will fall into place!!


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The anorexia is from the extreme weight loss caused by stress and anxiety.

I only weighed 89 pounds in her office.

Iknow how you feel my dear. I am going through so much right now and can't eat. I have no desire to eat. I have lost 8 lbs in 1.5 weeks now weighing 117 lbs. The thought of food just makes me want to throw up. My panic attacks are constant. Please know that you are not alone. We will have good days again :P

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