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VERY High Blood Pressure


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I have POTS only, and my BP stays pretty stable (120/70 on average). I take Florinef and Pro-Amatine to help with the rest of my problems, but since I stopped the beta blocker, I noticed my BP was staying around 130/80- a little high, but I have been feeling much better off the med.

Now here's the problem- granted, I have been really stressed with final exams, working from home, planning two birthday parties for Ethan, the Holidays, and getting ready to take two trips this month (aggghhh!!). With that said, yesterday I was sitting down to feed the baby and I suddenly felt really weird, like I was just going to pass out- everything felt far away and I got really weak and dizzy. This happens every once in a while, from the POTS, but this time I took my BP because it felt a little different- and it was 159/117!!!

I have never, ever had a reading this high, and I was wondering what would cause that so suddenly? I am one that has some sugar sensitivity, and against my better judgement, I had just eaten a whole box of Christmas cookies with milk. Could this have caused the BP spike? After about an houir, it went back down to 130/80, but I felt strange all day, and my heart was really pounding for several hours, and my chest hurt. Any thoughts?

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;) Jessica,

The last time I went to the cardiologist I was having a really stressful morning trying to get ready and my son was being the usual handful he is and I was having major PMS. I was starving so I ate a really quick and sugary lunch then went to my appt. When I got there, I started not feeling real well, the tachycardia was back full force, light-headed, dizzy, pains in stomach.

My doc did my vitals and my resting pulse was 116 and my resting BP was 135/90 (I think). This is QUITE high for me (usually 90/60 or lower). I asked him about it and he said when you are having an actual tachycardia ATTACK, you start pumping I think it was norepinephrine which can raise your BP. Mine wasn't quite as high as yours, but I think it may be a side effect of the increased heart rate. I would definitely mention it to your cardiologist though because that is definitely pretty high.

For me, once again, I believe I was triggered by the sugar. My New Year's Resolution is to get off it once and for all, just don't have the strength to do it til after Christmas, though!!!

Hope you are feeling better.

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Ahhhh sigh .... I remember when I could eat cookies .....

When I was at the cardiologist yesterday morning I was very nervous and my BP resting was like 170/120. I usually run 120/80 or less. Unlike body temperature that tends to stay put near 98.6 give or take a half point ... our BP and HR can change dramatically with our mood.

The key is to see what it is "on average" and like most scientific studies throw out the highest and lowest as just odd anomolies. However it's probably a sign that you may have been over doing it .... just a tad.

Good luck finding the quiet moments in the now.


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I think my BP was something like 160/100 when I was having a terrible migraine. My BP tends to run the gamut... it's high, it's low...and on rare occastions, it's even normal.

You may want to keep a bp journal just to check that your meds haven't shot your baseline bp too high--that can happen and can be dealth with by backing off a bit (under medical care).


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Mine also goes high to low. Before I was diagnosed with pots I can remember having a stressful day and the doctor telling me I needed to do something about my high blood pressure. Our bodies are just trying to compensate I suppose.... In my case, the high blood pressure seems to have a direct relationship to stress.

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I am a all-over-the-map BP person as well but any stimulation--- a friend with a loud voice, my niece and nephew dropping by and playing chase with the dog, my husband having the TV too loud, or just riding in the car more than 15 minutes sends my BP up very high.....from what you wrote, you have a LOT of stimulation right now in your life!! Just remember to take lots of deep breaths, at least that is what helps me some what.

Take care and enjoy your holidays!

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