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  1. Blackwolf, do you know what kind of thyroid hormone you were given? I think the normal is T4? (sorry, my bad memory is kicking in!) And I think I took T3... Anyways, here's some more on that if you're interested. http://www.drrind.com/thyroidscale.asp Also, I thought this was interesting. This was the doctor that helped me to raise my body temperature. I notice that 'orthostatic hypotension' is now on his symptom chart (I don't think it was before). Maybe he's seeing more dysautonomia patients than he realizes http://www.drrind.com/scorecardmatrix.asp And as I said before, this fal
  2. Thanks for the info I think I might have to get some salt tablets, I feel like I dump salt on everything already too
  3. I've been on zoloft for years now, but getting on it was tough for me. I think I had about 3 months of brain fog and various other symptoms. But the symptoms were tolerable so I kept with it. On the other hand, trying Paxil, I couldn't tolerate more than a few days. It's very individual, so my advice is to listen to your son. And, take it slowly. I wasn't able to stick to the increase schedule that my doctor originally wanted me to, I had to tailor it to how I was feeling. I wouldn't increase until my symptoms went away at the current dose. Also, I think they're still learni
  4. Hi Ernie, I've also been looking for used exercise equipment. Hopefully I'll find a bike soon I've had good luck with www.craigslist.org. Not sure where you're located, but it's basically a free classified site organized by city. I've had good luck with buying furniture off there in the past. Pam
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to clarify that Falls Church is in Northern Virginia. So maybe some of you that are in DC or Maryland would be interested in joining us? Pam
  6. Hi Dan, Just wanted to echo what everyone else has been saying - good luck to you. We'll definitely miss your posts - but am glad to hear you are getting stronger Take care, Pam
  7. I'm just curious, how much sodium does everyone take daily? And do you take it in supplement form or get it mainly from food? I think I get about 2,000 to 2,500 mg a day, and I'm wondering if I'm at a good amount or if I could do with more sodium. I typically get mine from eating canned soup, pickles, popcorn, etc.
  8. Hi Ling, I get the stiffness too. I always have to start my day with a hot shower (yes not the best for pots, huh?) but without it my body just doesn't want to move. The other thing I've found that helps me is taking MSM. When taking it I seem to have less aches and pains. I thought it was my imagination and I tried going off it for a few months. I started getting a lot of aching in my knees, hands and feet, so I'm back on it now. I agree on exercise being important. However somedays I feel like I get exercise just doing everyday tasks Now that it's warm I'll hopefully b
  9. Hi Steph, Have you considered using an online survey tool to collect the data? I do this at work and poll large groups of people. It's really quite simple. There are lots of free programs out there and once you set up your questionnaire it collects the data for you. And it usually gives you lots of good statistics I've heard survey monkey is a good tool. http://www.surveymonkey.com If you click on pricing you'll see a basic subscription is free. They also give a large list of other survey sites. If you want my help, let me know. This is right up my alley, especially as I'm a
  10. I'm also fairly skinny, in fact I've lost weight since first having pots problems. I eat all the time, but it doesn't seem to matter. (hey not complaining about that part as I do like to eat!) But sometimes I will lose a few pounds for no reason at all and I don't like that too much..... I was recently at a new doctor's office and he told me that he has many "small" patients like me so I guess it is common. And yes I agree with you, people have no problem saying 'you are too skinny, you need to gain weight'. They don't realize that those comments aren't always great to hear.
  11. I believe that your employer has 14 days to send out the initial letter about COBRA. However you have 60 days from the date of termination of your coverage in which to sign up for cobra. I would guess the packet will come pretty soon, I think mine came within a week or so. If you do plan to sign up, I'd just use the same insurance card at your doctor's appt. because as long as you sign up in that 60 day period it will be backdated so that you don't have a break in coverage. Does that make sense? This is the official cobra site: http://www.cobrainsurance.com/index.html
  12. When I first got sick with pots I gained a bit of weight and then in the course of a month I must have dropped 20 lbs. I wasn't doing anything differently and it also scared me at the time. I'm also pretty skinny. Eventually I found that my weight evened out a bit (although I'm still skinny) Hope it gets better for you.
  13. Sorry to hear you're feeling that way I was that way yesterday, but luckily feeling a bit better today Hang in there, it will improve. Just know that and try and keep calm until it does. I find I get anxious when I'm stressed out and have too many things going on in my life. And, I sometimes get the anxiety right before my period comes. Wacky hormones I guess
  14. I actually used to live in Tampa, but don't recognize Beverly Hills..... I'm actually a Virginia native. I lived in Tampa years ago for about a year. Recently my husband was relocated to FL, so I lived in Naples with my parents for a few months and then we bought a house in Ft. Lauderdale. Unfortunately I don't have any doctor recommendations for you. My first pots days were spent in Tampa and I flew home and went up to Hopkins as my FL doctors weren't too helpful. I recently saw another doctor in Pompano Beach that someone on ndrf recommended, but I personally was not that impressed
  15. Hi Jessica! I lived in Florida last summer, where are you visiting? Anyways, I had similar problems when I first got down there and I found I needed to increase my salt intake even more than I usually did in Virginia. Must be that crazy heat and humidity
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