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  1. Yes, I totally agree with the food intolerances. I cut wheat and dairy out and the bloating is much better.
  2. I'm enjoying all of these.
  3. Celiac disease/gluten intolerance causes an inability to absorb a lot of nutrients, B12 being one of the more notable ones.
  4. I love it. Should we try more... Pass Out The Salt Passing Out To Stand Praying Our Tachycardia Settles Plethora of Tilt Studies Partially Opposed to Summer Plain Old Tired Sap (sorry, some of these are awful, I know, just couldn't help myself)
  5. My neck is bothersome to me, and I have the same things with my vision. I find it is worse pre-menstrually for me. I go to a doctor who does cranial osteopathy and it relieves a lot of my neck problems.
  6. Sugar in general is an issue for me so I don't touch Gatorade. I would def. be dizzy if I drank that much of any sugary drink. On top of that, I don't do well with chemicals and I believe there are articial dyes and flavorings in Gatorade, except for the Gatorade Ice. I'm pretty sure Poland Springs just came out with a new carbonated water with natural flavorings. My sister in law had one at the pool and it looked like a good water alternative.
  7. I have had a POTS dx for about 5 years now. It is pretty manageable for me at this point, but I am definitely triggered by a lot of things, including some medications and foods. A few weeks ago I had numbness in my left arm that lasted all day and then some intermittent numbness in my right arm over the next couple of days. My doctor wants me to rule out MS and has ordered an MRI with gadolinium. I have no problems with the MRI but I don't want the gadolinium because of fear of a reaction. Anyone else really sensitive to meds/environment with gadolinium experience? Also, my back has been
  8. Thank you. I have decided to go gluten light for a while and see how that goes.. I know my body well enough to know it doesn't like any drastic changes. Who knew that eating really well for a week would make me sick. I had one piece of toast this morning and will continue to eat GF for the most part and just include some gluten until I get some more answers from some tests I have not gotten the results of yet. I know the long-term ramifications and I am going to just see how this develops before I decide which way to go. I feel torn, like why make myself bedridden again when I had reg
  9. Well I have been gluten free for 6 days now and I can say my POTS symptoms are definitely acting up. I have read on celiac.com that you can have gluten withdrawal and I'm hoping that is the case. My bowels feel better but my POTS definitely doesn't. If this continues to be the case, I almost would consider going back to gluten on a light basis. For those who had worsening of your POTS, did it go on for long then settle down? Because maybe it was a withdrawal factor that triggered it. Some of the celiac.com people said they had withdrawal for as long as a month to six weeks.
  10. Thanks so much for your input everyone. So I'm gathering for the majority of you it improves how you feel but doesn't solve the POTS problem? Tessa, thanks for the info on Enterolab. I am considering it. I hope that my doctor/insurance will cover it as I don't work much anymore and the budget is tight. I will talk it over with my integrative doctor in a few weeks. Also, In reading about celiac, I thought that you had to be totally gluten free forever to heal your gut and not let it get damaged again. Have you all be told something different? I know it's a hard diet to follow (if no
  11. Nina, I am honored you remember, especially because I know exactly what you mean... Gracie, I see you have leaky gut, how were you diagnosed with that? I just took a intestinal permeability test this morning and I am waiting for DHL to pick it up now to take it to the lab. The drink made me feel terrible for a while, and my face still looks kind of funny from it
  12. Hi! I was a member here a long time ago but haven't posted in a while. I remember a few people's names (hi Nina, remember me? ) I have had POTS for about four and half to five years, but think I've always had some issues through my life. I was really bad at the onset but steadily improved to a semi-functional level. I work part time, take care of kids, keep the house up, just feeling really exhausted four days out of seven. My son was showing signs of fatigued hyperactivity to me (he is 7) and he has asthma and allergies. We ran the gamut of doctors, pulmonologists, allergists etc. I
  13. Blackwolf, sorry you are feeling so badly. I know, I hate trying new pills, it's just not worth it sometimes!! As far as eating, I lived on tuna and salmon and pb on salty crackers for months when my symptoms were at their worst. One thing that makes me see a notable difference in my symptoms, even now, is salmon. Don't know what it is but for me it's one of those foods that I can digest and I feel really good after eating it.
  14. Thanks. My bowling alley doesn't have disco lights, as far as I know, but I definitely have a hard time with lots of lights. The Christmas lights in the mall drive me insane. I may pop in on a league night and just see how much it is. I hate to join and then not be able to go through with it. I was thinking about the strain of throwing the ball down the alley, too, but since I can rest in between I was thinking it might be okay. My symptoms have been pretty good lately, but that is cyclical for me too.
  15. Was just wondering if anyone has any problems with bowling? I was thinking that this might be a good activity for me to do, not very strenuous, able to sit down a lot - thank God LOL, lots of evening leagues - a better time of the day for me. I do have problems with certain lighting and vision at times. Was wondering if anyone does this or what you do for social entertainment. I mean, bar hopping is out, jogging and going to the gym are out (for me anyway), eating out as a recreational activity is too fattening. Any ideas?
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