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Stages of P.O.T.S


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I have read that some of you comment on different "stages" of pots. As if there are different levels. That we can go from sick to sicker and then very sick. I have also understood that we might even be coming "better" at some stage. Not healed but better. The reason I wont to know is if I am at a bad level and might improve then I can wait a year or two and see what my health does. It is summer and I feel terrible. Just hoping that I might change levels in a year or two????? Is there any literature on different levels of pots? :lol:

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Hi Ling! I'd love to find more literature about POTS myself; I've been going downhill healthwise for a number of months now and would like to find out more about what to expect. So far, my most useful source of POTS info has been this forum. I read just about all the posts, trying to learn as much as I can about the condition, both for my own use and so I can understand what other people are going through/finding helpful/patterns they are noticing. If I can dig up any useful info elsewhere, I'll let you know.

Hope you start to improve soon!


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Guest tearose

Has anyone found this yet? I'm interested in this but couldn't find a printed statement on "stages of pots". I think someone mentioned this before but I was unable to find it after searching. Sounds like we'll have to ask briarrose to take a crack at it! tearose

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You guys are really funny!

I actually looked for this before and asked for some clarification on where Ling thinks she saw it or is it just people talking about it seeming like it's in stages. I can think of the stages that I've been through with this illness B)

I will continue to look for this though. I have an appointment with cardiology this morning about some blood pressure/sob issues I've been having. I will try to look later today.

I can give you other articles to read if you like.




I did find this at dynakids

There are different names, different conditions, different systems impacted, different terms, and different stages, etc.


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You might want to check out some of the things I posted earlier because they did include a grading scale for orthostatic intolerance. Let me know if any of those are it.


Syncope, fainting, dizziness, weakness and palpitations occurring in the upright position are not uncommon complaints and are associated with a variety of disorders (Table 1). New tools and concepts have been developed, resulting in the emergence of new diagnoses, such as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)1 and neurocardiogenic syncope,2 and new scales, such as the composite autonomic scoring scale3 and orthostatic intolerance grading by symptoms.4 Modern technology has allowed us to improve sensitivity in detecting dysautonomia


BTW, I found this very interesting; it's about a gal with Chiari I malformation



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