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Severe Constipation


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I know this isn't POTS related, but a lot of you suffer from constipation so I was hoping to get some ideas.

I am 9 weeks pregnant now. I've never had constipation in my life, even with the first pregnancy, so I think that's what is going on but I'm in so much pain!! It started about 3 weeks ago, I get exruciating bowel cramping periodically throughout the day, which practically puts me in tears...only to produce hardly anything when I try to use the bathroom...and it takes like 20-30 minutes of this pain before even that happens. I eat lots of frutis & veggies and drink water, but I am gluten sensitive so I can't have a lot of fiber- but it's never been a problem.

I called my doctor and they just told me to stay hydrated and eat fruit...I tried some baby food prunes too, but so far no luck. This morning freaked me out b/c I had painful gas all night and then I tried to go and it was green with runny with mucous (but just a tiny bit)- sorry I know it's gross but I want to make sure nothing is seriously wrong here. What can I do? I am afraid of getting a blockage or something.

Nina or others who are wheat/gluten intolerant- can we take Oat Bran? Fiber supplements? Any ideas in that area?

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Guest tearose

Jessica, sorry your all blocked! I can't speak to the gluten part but when I have tried all other natural and organic ways to get things moving a good next step is a glycerine suppository...you may want to use the child size to start.

I thought this was part of our dysautonomia!

Anyway, feel better soon, tearose

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Guest Julia59


Call your doctor and see if you can take Milk of Magnesia----(MOM). Docs recommend that a lot because it's been around for a long time. Sometimes changing to liquids helps---as there might be a little kink somewhere----something stuck in a section of your bowel--NOT AN OBSTRUCTION---------just plugged up. The liquids gives things a rest and lubes up the stuck areas.

Then when things clear up---be sure to keep up on liguids along with you fruits and veggies. Sometimes to many thick skins from some fruits----like apples can mess me up, so I eat fruits with thinner skins such as pears---BOSC brown thin skinned type, peaches----or canned fruits.

Many people with POTS get constipated due to slow gut motility. But if this is not your history then it's probably just due to some changes going on in your body. I got constipated during my pregnancy and I was the same age as you. It passed rather quickly. I didn't have many pots symptoms at all at that time---but soon after my son was born I had a spell when he was about 5 months old. My pots symptoms waxed and waned. The only thing I remember most was I always had a high heart rate---and IBS throughout the years---even in in 7th and 8th grade.

You hang in there----I hope you feel better soon.

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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Hi Jessica,

I am soooo sorry that you are feeling yucky. I know exactly how you feel, though not exactly, because I am not pregnant! On my last recent stint with this problem, no bathroom for 9 days. I have slow gut motility.

I am not sure what you can take, but I will tell you what has helped for me: I went to the health food store and picked up a colon cleanse to get things moving again. Then I started on 30 grams of fiber from psyllium husks every AM with OJ, and a very large bowl of Raisin Bran (8 grams fiber per serving). You can also try Triphala, which is a very mild natural laxative available at the health food store.

I know you said that you eat lots of fruits and veggies, but we need a minimum of 30 grams of fiber a day, which is hard to reach without a supplement of some sort. Pregos and slow gut people need a bit more to keep things moving.

I wish you the best in overcoming this problem...


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Guest Mary from OH

OK - I'm the QUEEN of constipation remedies!! My daughter has SEVERE GI problems and now even has a cecostomy. Here it goes... And if you need more, feel free to email me!!

Eat lots of "P" foods - peaches, pears, plums, prunes, peas, etc. (any form -juice, fresh, canned)

Avoid: bananas, rice, apples, toast, carrots

A good recipe:

1 cup yogurt (with active enzymes)

2 TBSPN pumpkin seeds (You can crush or chop if you like)

1/2 slice pineapple (you can chop if you like)

2 TBSPN lemon juice

Blend together (you can even do in a blender). Drink/eat.

Also, you can use flaxseed. Let me just stop there.

Let me know when you need more ideas. My daughter has SERIOUS medical issues. So, believe me, we've done them all. Hang in there!! One of the remedies WILL work for you!! I know it's painful for you. Also, watch the gaseous foods you are eating. They are just as painful (like broccoli, cauliflower, etc)


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Dairy is something else to avoid until you are able to go. Lots and lots of fluids. Fiber is a big thing that is supposed to help with constipation, but if you have slow gut motility this may cause you problems. If you crave something eat it! Your body knows what it needs. I hope you are feeling better soon....constipation is so miserable.

Best Wishes,

Dawn A

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i think about you often and had been missing seeing your on here...although i haven't been on much either!

i was glad to see your name pop up, but not glad that you are so miserable! don't you just love talking about bowel habits? at our age we are not supposed to be talking like our grandmother's! :o just teasing you. i talk about it a lot too!

anyway, i honestly don't have a lot of good tips.

but, i saw that you asked about the fiber supplements out there. citrucel advertises as gluten-free...it is in their faq section online if you want to check it out. i think that metamucil is NOT gluten-free. also, there are some things that are marketed i think for folks that don't want the traditional psyllium supplement. look at the freeda vitamins site for some ideas.

you can always give citrucel a shot...if you feel better on it good, if not stop it! :o it did help me a little at least get over that 'hump' one time!

the other thing that i used to like the best when i had so much trouble going and would feel so clogged up....was colace. that stuff is so gentle and not a stimulant laxative or anything. you can just take it every day. it is a stool softener. if your poop is hard! (sorry, couldn't resist). hey, you have a toddler, you deal with poop and pee all day! :P my pots doc is a pediatrician so he talks in terms of poop and pee. it is funny.

you can just buy the colace in the generic...it is soooo cheap. like costs nothing, ac ouple of bucks for 100 tablets. i liked it best over citrucel, but for the severity of your constipation maybe citrucel would be good? i can't see why you couldn't take a stool softener being pregnant.

hope you get some relief (literally) soon!

take care....just think...you are almost throught the first trimester and maybe your morning sickness will finally settle down! did you find relief at all from the zofran or preggie pops?

take care! later alligator!


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Welcome to my world Jess! :o Sorry that you have to suffer though--nothing has worked for me other than taking laxatives like correctol or dulcolax--and even that is dicey. Sometimes it just gives me cramping but nothing to show for all the pain :o

Keep your fluid intake up--and don't start adding fiber until things start moving. Fiber is great for keeping things moving once they start, but if you're not going, it can just add bulk. My GI doc had me on some powdered stuff that's supposed to bind with bile salts but has some beneficial gi side effects for some people--didn't work for me either.

Let me know if you find any trick that gets ya goin! I promise to do the same. Nina :P

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About flaxseed. I had to do a lot of research for myself for breast cancer prevention reasons and I learned that flaxseeds contains phytoestrogens-. Now, from much of what I read I got the impression that the "jury" is still out on these phytoestrogens and how they work in a woman's body. Because you are pregnant -not just for you- but for your developing baby, I think it might be a good idea to look at flax very carefully before using it. I actually used it for a while and simultaneously a fibroid I had grew to the size of a grapefruit from the size of a plum within months. Coincidence? Or hormonal screwiness from the Flax- phytoestrogens?

I like Emily's idea of prunes or prune juice- especially warm prune juice. It is an old fashioned remedy but it seems safe.

Can you take magnesium while pregnant? Like magnesium supplements? Sometimes when I get backed up from taking loads of iron (because of the fibroid and heavy bleeding) I find that magnesium helps me go. 400 mgs. at night and in the morning I gotta go. It might take 2 days sometimes to kick in. Also drink lots of warm fluids.

I hope you get relief really soon.


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I can usually count on prune juice to at least get things moving for me...yes, Emily, just like grandma (LOL!) BUT, it only works for me if I take it the 1st thing in the morning. After drinking a glass full of prune juice (hey, warm would be good to try) I then follow it with at least 16 ounces of COLD water (salted of course). If I do this in the afternoon or evening, NOTHING happens except I feel bloated. In the am I think it works because the hit of sugar and fluid loading in a very short period. I have read that cold water is better to jump start metabolism...who knows for sure, but generally this helps me. Don't know if it is good for someone pregnant or not. Jessica I hope you find some relief soon.

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Dear Jessica, I'm sorry you have been having trouble. Do you take vitamins? My three times a week magnesium lactate is great to "help get you moving" and is sorely missed if i don't get it. Prune Juice is also a choice that is proven. I would also say take it in the morning.

Good luck and i hope you "get moving" soon


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So sorry things are not going any better for you Jess. The prune story works great. I have wonders just drink 100 % fruit juice. Especially orange but be careful it effects my sugar levels. As for the Magnesium you know I am on "preg" vitamins already. My doctor once commented on taking Magnesium while pregnant. I know she said you would have to be careful which one you take as it can effect the baby. Even my calcium tablet I take. I take the one that only has calcium and nothing added. Talk to your doctor before you add any tablets. I hope you feel better soon. :P

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