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Really Bad Night And Day....

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Happy Holidays!

Before I was diagnosed , my doctor thought I had vertigo and prescribed meclizine.

I get dizzy here and there and feel funny more often then not but this was so weird.

I came home last night and was starving, felt like a low sugar. It made me dizzy, couldnt move my head without feeling yuck and very tachy...couldnt sleep because I was so dizzy. I tested my blood pressure trying to lay dow in bed and it was low, 85/ 57 and ate a bag of potato chips and tried to sleep but was too dizzy....and today was a mess.

What do you think? A vertigo attack or pots?

Thank you

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I get this exactly as you described and my blood pressure is also low as yours was at the time. I am unsure whether it is vertigo or pots, but am inclined to go with pots as it isn't usual to have low BP with vertigo. Whatever the cause it is frightening and I get this from time to time, mostly at night or if I get up too quickly in the morning when my blood pressure is at its lowest before I have drunk anything.

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When I first got POTS, my dr. told me my constant dizziness couldn't be caused by POTS. I went to an ear dr and they diagnosed me with a probable inner ear condition. I went to rehab for 3 months, did all these crazy exercises for eyesight and balance and was actually feeling better. Then the dizziness came back in full force. That's when the drs figured out it was POTS and not my ear. I was constantly dizzy for the first year or two of my POTS and had trouble walking just form the dizziness. I practiced walking a lot. The dizziness went away after a while and now I just get it once in a while.

While you can have both POTS and inner ear, I feel like it is probably related to POTS in many cases.

P.S. don't forget the water with your potato chips!

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