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  1. Anyone else find they don't get into deep sleeps on most nights .. ?
  2. Thanks..good to know .. So you took it at night ?
  3. My neurologist suggested Lexapro to take at night to help with sleep Any experiences ? Thanks
  4. Hi Funny thing is on the metoporol I felt ok the first two weeks and then miserable after .. P
  5. Hi Instead of taking an antidepressant I wanted to try 5htp to balance out my system. My doctor said antidepressant are usually taken at night so I am thinking that is when to take it Any experiences? When do you take it? Thank you
  6. Ok Thanks for that reassurance .. Do you know if propalanol. Takes s few weeks to kick in like some other betas do?
  7. Hi Akex Thank you for your smart words. He suggested 10 mg twice a day but saud I can start with 5 or less depending how I feel , so since I am nervous to try new meds bc I usually react negatively, I decided to try 2.5 and work up.. Do you take it daily? Thank you
  8. My cardio wants me to start Propanalol .. He wrote the script fir 10 mg twice a day but told me to start with less .. Anyone on 2.5 mg which is a half of a half .. Thank you
  9. So have you found a beta that works for you then ?
  10. My cardio today gave me 10 mg and I am for sure going to cut it in half but was wondering if anyone took less than 5 Thank you
  11. Hi Just cane back from cardiologist and he put me on propanolol . I also want to starry 5http for the anxiety Anyone take them together?
  12. Hi Is this a common occurance to feel fairly ok for a bit and then feel terrible te next minute from not doing much. I find my days fluctuate so much between goods, bads and worses...its frusterating ,, Anyone else? thanks
  13. Hi Has anyone ever talen Xanax and L theanine together. I know they do similair things so just wondering thank you
  14. I have been having a weird symptom, my eye is cloudy in the morning but tends to get better during the day. I am using drops from the dr but geting worried that they arent helping.. anyone ever have this? thank you
  15. Just wondering if anyone had tried Buspar for anxiety? thank you
  16. Hi My EKG is also abnormal but stress test was fine .. If your dehydrated, overweight or underweight, vomit often it can alter the EKG because of position of the heart . The stress test wasn't so bad .. Good luck
  17. I had same thing.. It seemed to cause more adrenal rushes and increased heart rate for me too and worse snxiety too Go figure !
  18. I am so glad you wrote.. I was on metorpolol and the first 2 weeks I was ok then I also felt so anxious, sweaty skin, I felt like I was going to cone out of skin .. I stopped it and feel so much better , well at least back to my normal not feeling well self. Cardiologist won't switch it until I see him again. It's probably dropping your blood pressure too much or something . Feel good!
  19. Hi Your right ,.. Betas do lower blood pressure yet some of us handle different betas differently, oddly enough. Maybe I won't feel that horrible on the propanolol .. Hmm
  20. Thank you So katybug why not try a different beta? I want to try propanolol ..
  21. Hi So frustrating .. Doc wants to see me in the office.. I didn't take metropolol today and I am Not waiting 3 weeks for a change . I left a msg for the dr to call me as well .. Just venting..thanks !
  22. I appreciate your help.. The pharmacist saud I dobt need to wean off it.. I am waiting fir the cardiologist to call back still. I have an echo scheduled for the am but too be honest, if I am not feeling great , then might postpone it.. Thanks! ..
  23. Thanks again So I have a question then for you .. I normally feel lightheaded at times etc.. So how would I know ..maybe I need more metoprolol instead of stopping it.. Just so unsure .. Of want I feel Is metoprolol reaction or not taking enough to feel better .. Make any sense? Thanks
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