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Anyone used Zofran for nausea?


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:My doctor prescribed Zofran for my morning-noon-and-night sickness (lol :rolleyes: ) and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences to share?

In leiu of the tachycardia I experienced after taking Phenergen, I am a little nervous to try a ything else ever again, but desperate to have some releif from the nausea. Just want to know what side effects to expect, etc...

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well, i have only had two experiences with zofran. how much did he prescribe?

when i went to the ER they gave me zofran by IV and i insisted that they give me 1/2 dose (4 mg) instead of 8 just in case. later, i asked for the second half of the dose.

let's just say...wow! that drug was amazing. my nausea was unbearable. and i have had a lot of nausea in my life. i thought...man, why didn't i ever know about this stuff before? with the IV, it kicked in so fast in a few minutes i was breathing sighs of relief. i still felt a little queasy and asked for the rest of the dose just in case.

i think it is often use for chemotherapy patients and is targeted specifically for nausea. supposedly it has low side effects for those folks.

i did not have a single negative side effect from this drug...and i usually don't tolerate anything. unless it contributed to lowering my bp, which i think was the percocet that kicked in later.

i took zofran at home in an under-the-tongue dissovable tablet...only took 1/2 of an 8 mg tablet for my second "attack" of that crazy GI stuff i had. that time it worked a little but i still ended up throwing up. i just think i was so sick and also maybe didn't take enough.

still, i would take it again if i needed to. i have never taken phenegran though, so can't compare.

i also know that i have seen leah mention that she takes it. someone else said that they wouldn't take it (herdswoman?) but am not sure why.

so i am only one little experience with the drug.

i hope it helps you!!!!! i know you need the relief. and maybe just stopping the cycle of nausea will help you be able to eat, etc. you know???

let us know what you decide! hoping you have nausea-free days very soon.


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zofran is a great drug. it works really well. there's another one out too. called azenmeth or something like that, it doesn't make you sleepy. when i worked in an ob/gyn office we always told our patients to take unisom. it's over the counter in the sleep aid section, so you'd only want to take it at night, but it has an ingredient they used to use all the time for morning sickness. there's also a prenatal called pre emesis that has extra b6 in it that seemed to help a lot of people. you might ask for that till you feel better and try the unisom. i have a friend here who used it and she said it worked great. but again, it can make you pretty sleepy. morgan

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Zofran rocks. Works like a charm. I've given thousands of IV doses......but never to pregnant patients.

Jessica, I don't mean to be harsh and cynical, but I am going to be blunt because you've got a lot at stake here. I've been doing science and nursing longer than you've been on Earth.....so take it for what it's worth. After a lot of experience, I tend to distill things down. Besides, I've been sick enough a time or two myself. Helps when I'm trying to separate the pepper from the fly specks. So here goes:

1. You got pregnant and you had to know it was going to be tuff, rocky road.

2. Nobody ever died of nausea....but a whole lot of thalidimide babies were born while doctors tried to make Mommy more comfortable.

3. Be safe. Suck it up.

You and your baby are a whole lot better off doing IV fluids while waiting for the next few months to pass. BTW: What did the doc say about weekly IV's anyway?

Here's the science behind my blunt opinion:

The first trimester is the most sensitive time for drug induced fetal malformation. Zofran is a Pregnancy Category B drug, meaning: Animal studies haven't shown a risk to the fetus, but controlled studies in pregnant women have not been done.

- OR -

Animal studies have shown adverse effect on the fetus, but adequate studies in pregnant women haven't shown a risk.

I have a minor problem with this whole concept. (If I were staking my unborn child's health on it it would be a MAJOR problem), i.e.: What's an adequate study if it's not a controlled study?

QUESTION: If animal studies show a risk......is there any researcher in his right mind who's going to give that drug to pregnant women? No. Besides, his lawyers won't let him.

So how reliable are other animal studies that show no risk.....but still researchers won't do a controlled study in humans?

ANSWER: Doctors prescribe and women roll the dice. Bad results may be reported to the drug company later. Or maybe not.

There are other defects that have been notorious over the years that WERE NOT apparent at birth. Infertility and female cancers in women whose mothers took hormones during pregnancy come to mind.

Shoot, how many of us wonder about the factors that brought us to where we are now? Breast fed or bottle fed? Viral infections? Other contributory diseases?

Bottom line: you have a chance here to eliminate one more risk for your baby by NOT taking any additional drugs. Choice is yours.

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Yep, Zofran has been great for me. Phenergan gives me NO relief. But I agree with Herdswoman, Meds are a big gamble in pregnancy. I've had 6 children and the only drugs I took during all 6 pregnancies were Riopan or Mylanta for my reflux disease and prenatal vitamins.

I suffered horrible nausea and vomiting through my first and fourth pregnancies everyday and just toughed it out, it's tough but you can do it.

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I hope you are feeling better.

I just want to pretty much second Herdswoman's comments. I am quite surprised your doctor recommends a category B drug over IV therapy. I didn't even realize anti-nausea drugs were given to pregnant women anymore.

My mother took some drug (that she can no longer remember what it was) when she was in her first trimester with me. This has also always been at the back of my mind a question as to whether this affected my adult health.

We are not trying to scare you--just expressing our concern and want to make sure you have access to some other options.

Let us know how you are doing!


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Herdswoman, thank you for writing your post. A lot of women (some with diagnosed pots/dysautonomia, some with concerns and curiosity) come to this site looking for information ... and I for one came looking when I had been diagnosed and was about to embark on fertility treatments. The issue of drug safety during pregnancy is critically important.

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I used Zofran once before and it didn't really have an effect on me. I am having a lot of nausea with the procrit shots, but my doc won't give me anything for it so I asked one of my dietetics profs for a home remedy. She told me to take Ginger capsules (don't get the oil because it tastes very strong and weird). Take 250 mg 4 times per day. She also recommends peppermint capsules (not the oil and not enteric coated) you can take 180 mg, but I am not sure how often. You could probably just look on the back of the bottle. I started taking the Ginger and it really helps. Also, it doesn't have any drug interactions. You may want to ask your Ob/Gyn whether it is safe to take when your pregnant, but I would assume it would be safer than a drug. My prof said that it is a pretty benign supplement, but it sure helps with the nausea!


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It worked great for me for the nausea I suffer with constantly, but I had a lot of side effects. Of course, I can't take anything without side effects, so this isn't too surprising. It gave me a migraine, and made me feel really spaced out and sleepy at the same time.

During pregnancy, I would only take it if you are suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum, and you are getting dehydrated and unable to eat at all. There is so much that is unknown about medications and individual pregnancies, and I think it should really be the last resort.

I hope you feel better soon. I hear that a product called Preggy Pops works wonders.


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I am doing okay guys...thanks for the responses. I'm hanging in there- sheesh, I think this pregnancy is up there with bad POTS flare-ups in terms of severity of symptoms. However, my POTS symptoms seem to be under control for now. It's mainly the fatigue, lethargy, nausea, etc...from the pregnancy itself that are making me so sick. I haven't been much of anywhere this last week, my schoolwork is 2 weeks behind, work is suffering- customers are mad at me, and social services would croak if they saw my house right now (little humor, lol ;) ). I am just trying to muddle through these next few weeks, because I am sure I will feel at least somewhat better in the second trimester. Hopefully..I am 8 weeks today, so at least 4 more weeks to go.

Anyway, I did end up trying the Zofran. Of course, this is after trying ginger, B6, Magnesium, Peppermint tea & Altoids, frequent small meals, Nux Vomica homeopathic supplements, Phenergen, IV fluids, lavendar scented oil, and acupuncture (which I am still receiving 2X per week, but it's not helping at all yet). I think that's about it!! My doctor seems to think that Zofran is a lot safer than many other medications as a Category B...on the premise that the "pregnancy approved" drugs such as Tylenol and Sudafed are Category B's as well, and no adverse effects have been reported. We did some research on the Florinef and Sectral, and both are safer for use during the first trimester than the 2nd or 3rd...so the plan is to try to wean from them in about a month. Obviously, my first attempt to go medication free landed me in the hospital, so I am a little nervous about doing that again, but hoping that my body will be ready after more time has passed in a pregnant state. The Zofran helps enough so that I am not getting dehydrated, thus eliminating the needs for IV fluids and making it easier to get through this. I really think that in my circumstance, it was neccesary for my own health to make this decision. True that nobody ever died of nausea, but it is NOT good for a POTS patient to become continuously dehydrated and vomit so much that they are unable to function, especially when there is a 2 year old running around who needs to be cared for, and a baby inside that needs a healthy mom to support it's growth. This was a tough decision but one that was reached after much research and interrogating the OBGYN :huh:. Also, I am taking only HALF the dose, and only ONCE per day instead of the 3X as prescribed. Same with the Florinef...only taking 0.025 mg daily.

Sorry if I don't post much...I will be back when I can :D

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i am so glad you updated us.

it really sounds to me like you made the best decision...i think you need to be able to eat and at least function a little! :huh: so, i hope the zofran does keep taking the edge off of the nausea for you.

i just wanted to let you know that i know how carefully you weight everything before making a decision, and i feel confident that you made the right decision for you and baby.

do keep us posted whenever you feel up to it...


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I totally agree with Emily. While it is difficult to make the decision to go with meds during a pregnancy, sometimes it is what is best for both you and your baby. Your baby and you both need good nutrition and hydration The good news is that there are a lot of women suffering hyperemesis gravidarum who are put on Zofran during pregnancy, and it does appear to be pretty safe. I hope you feel better soon. I do know what nausea every day is like. I have had severe nausea every day for the last three years. It is soooo miserable. Please do keep us posted on how you are doing.

Emily: Which flavors of the preggie pops do you find work best?


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the first time i bought the regular preggie pops and liked them all...but didn't think the berry or fruit flavors did much.

this time i ordered ginger and a mixed pack of the queasy pops.

i think that i like the ginger the best so far...i think they work the best for me.

i did try a cinammon one the other day and it seemed good too.

i haven't gotten to try all of the flavors yet, and they have some new flavors since the first time i ordered...

so, while it is a good thing that i haven't needed all the flavors yet :), the flip side is that i don't have a good report on the "best" flavors for me...

probably ginger, but then sometimes i like the other ones just for variety!

some people can't stand ginger i guess...one of my friends ordered them, and didn't like the ginger at all and hates ginger tea, etc....thankfully i like the flavor!

how about you???? :)


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