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foods to avoid


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For me it's just sugar & high-fat foods. I don't know why the high-fat foods bother me; maybe they just generally make me feel yucky and don't just worsen POTS symptoms.

But definitely cutting back on sugar has helped me not have that high/low blood sugar feeling and dizziness.

I would also keep alcohol to no more than two drinks and caffeine limited.


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My personal no-no list:

* sugar

* fruit

* any amount of carbs over the "just a little" mark

* caffeine

* alcohol

* wheat

* gluten (most grains)

* dairy (except raw, straight-from-the-cow products and eggs)

* fats except raw, virgin coconut oil, top-quality olive oil and real butter - I eat plenty of those because they are the healthy fats

* artificial sweeteners

In other words, I basically live on veggies (careful with carrots and other higher-carb vegs) and poultry/meat/fish (not shellfish) of all types - and the majority of those are organic. It's a good thing we like sitr-fry meals! It may sound drastic, but it was the beginning of returning to a real life again - what a wonderful difference it has made for me!

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I have celiac sprue and mutliple food allergies. When it comes to POTS and eating, I find that refined sugars are the worst for me.

If you want to get really specific, the Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab has a very reliable food allergy test (via blood analysis). In order to get it done, you have to get your doctor to call them to order the testing kit. Telephone: (800)522-4762 .

You then get your blood drawn at your doctor's office or at any lab and send the kit back to Great Smokies Lab for analysis. They'll send you a report.

Here's an excerpt from their website... gsdl.com

Using state-of-the-art ELISA technology, the Comprehensive Antibody Assessment identifies hypersensitivities to over 120 of the most commonly encountered types of food and environmental substances. Test results come with a personalized treatment plan for food allergy called True Relief?, a medically advanced rotation diet guide. This innovative and flexible guide clearly explains the principles behind food allergies, rotation diet, elimination and reintroduction of foods, and allows patients to see at a glance what their problem foods and dietary choices are.

The Comprehensive Antibody Assessment is also valuable as a preventive measure for patients who are not currently experiencing the overt symptoms of an allergic reaction. It can reveal unsuspected food allergies which, if ignored, may place cumulative stress on the immune system over time?setting the stage for the development of more severe illness in the future.

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Refined sugars are still out for me. I "cheat" and regret it, as it exaccerbates tachycardia and other symptoms. However, fruit is fine for me. In fact, I find I feel best on days that I load up on fresh fruits and veggies--maybe it's the extra fluid and potassium.

I agree with Gena that it is a good idea to do some testing for food allergies or autoimmune response, particularly if you suspect you may have some kind of intolerance!

I also find that eating smaller more frequent meals helps me reduce my symptoms, particularly in the early part of the day.

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