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  1. I found a rabbit in my front yard a couple months ago. He turned out to be an incredibly sweet and well trained bunny, so when we couldn't find his owners we decided to keep him. I call him Mordecai and the vet says he's a middle-aged neutered Dutch rabbit. He's absolutely wonderful and gets along just fine with the parrots. Here's a link to a picture, since for some reason it's saying I have too many images when I'm only trying to upload one... http://25.media.tumblr.com/a6415bc456a46866df9dee7c1ab09136/tumblr_mnskbriijS1qbconeo3_1280.jpg
  2. Thank you very much for your advice! Dealing with doctors certainly isn't always easy, and I am happy that I will soon be able to see doctors that don't accept minors. I had a ton of strep infections as a child, but not recently. I've also had obsessive compulsive tendencies since I was a child, so there's no tics or anything that really fits PANDAS. I did read a bit on that, and I will a little more. I have had tender glands in my throat all summer, which I chalked up to allergies but am considering getting checked out. Thanks again for your advice and kind words! I wish all the best to you
  3. As some of you may know, I was prescribed Effexor XR for migraines when I was 14 years old. It didn't help, but I was unable to get off of it due to severe withdrawal symptoms. My prescribing doctor was not only unhelpful, but incredibly unresponsive. After he moved, the hospital refused to let me see a pediatric neurologist as I am 17. They wouldn't let me see a regular neurologist either... as I am 17. So they insisted that if I wanted to see anyone I would have to drive 3 hours to be reluctantly seen by a nurse practitioner. Not that I have anything against nurse practitioners; I was just s
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