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  1. @Derek1987 It is a dinky little thing that fan. A good idea to have one that is compact too. I have a hand held fan that can be tiring on the hands and arms.
  2. Welcome to the forum, there are a couple of Specialists mentioned in posting from 2016 by Macca which I hope will help https://www.dinet.org/forums/topic/27846-specialists-in-australia/
  3. @Sarasw If you have primary aldosteronism then your thirst symptoms may reflect that you are hypokalemic ( low potassium levels) - from what I understand - which means you would need to seek medical assistance and review urgently. Hypokalemia can cause cardiac arrhythmia and serious threat to life. Other Symptoms .... Weakness Cardiac arrhythmia's Muscle cramps Excess thirst or urination Hope you are okay.
  4. I am now on a statin (day two). I have taken them at night and for the last two mornings I have been a box of birds. Significant change to my normal morning routine. Can't seen anywhere in the study about statins. May have missed that part though. Will keep you all in touch of my progress
  5. Is a person who studies genetics. https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/ehlers-danlos-syndrome https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/primer
  6. This is the first I have heard that some medical teams are seeing a pattern emerging. I am also pro-vaccination, however stopped having the flu vac back in about 2007 after becoming very ill about 3 months post vaccination. On my third year of flu vaccination I noticed a correlation with time frames of illness post flu vac. I don't seem to have a problems with other vaccinations, as a couple of years ago had the whooping cough vaccination with no adverse effects. So decided to stop yearly flu vax, I felt that my immune system got stressed, leaving me vulnerable to picking up a infection. Since then I have not had any similar illness (pneumonia etc) I have not needed to take antibiotics for secondary bacterial infection for at least 10 years now. I guess if you have had the flu vax in the past with no issues then that is a bonus.
  7. Some amazing accomplishes! It is times like these that having a like button would be really handy! At work while talking to a client, I got really severe abdominal pain out of the blue. I managed to stay focused, even when feeling pain and light headed - with the client non the wiser. The pain went as quickly as it arrived.
  8. For us POTTies, bleeding heart flower .....
  9. I gave up on monitoring my BP closely a long time ago manly because I just want to have some normality. I too got very tired of it all. My way of thinking that is okay every so often. 😀
  10. Jim I also really like peonies, I really wanted to grow a couple of plants but my climate zone is too hot unfortunately.
  11. Bluets are very pretty and delicate. Orchids can be quite interesting flower, like the Ballerina Orchid or the Monkey Orchid
  12. I really like this flower field of Russell Lupins. Fiordland National Park in New Zealand.
  13. True, but I have no idea how old the OP is. Best to ere on the side of precaution. Worst case scenario with peripheral arterial disease and wearing compression therapy is compressing arteries causing ischemia and digit or limb death. I have worn compression waist high, but had to stop as my bladder was being irritated.
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