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Lowered my coreg, seem to be tolerating caffeine a bit better.


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So I was on coreg 25mg twice a day. If I drank caffeine and I'm talking a couple sips, my heart would start fluttering, bad anxiety, really elevated blood pressure. 

Now I'm on 6.25mg twice a day. I'm reducing it to get onto something else. Weaning off. I've tried caffeine again and I'm still having issues but not as bad. It's still bad but not as bad if that makes sense. I don't get heart palpitations. I can drink a bit more. Not a whole can or even half but at least a fourth. My anxiety isn't quite as bad and the blood pressure doesn't go as high as it did before on the higher dose.

I'm thinking pots along with the coreg made it worse on me in tolerating caffeine. Do you have a theory on why that might be? What do yall think? 


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Hi @Derek1987glad to see you are trying a change to see how it works out for you. I don't really have a theory in regards to why caffeine interacts with your coreg. I can share that when i was taking a higher dose of metoprolol (100 mg er) which is equivalent to coreg 12.5 bid it had a negative affect on me (made me pass out more) 25 bid of coreg is pretty high IMO. i take coreg 6.25 twice daily (all the beta blocker i need to do its work) and i have been fine.

Keep after it.

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