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  1. Have you seen any doctors? Do you have a formal diagnosis of POTS? Taking medication?
  2. same! I tried going for headaches/neck pain and after the 3rd neck adjustment I nearly fainted as I was walking to my car. I'd never go back to any chiro for a neck adjustment.
  3. This is an excellent way to explain it. It's like a skipped beat but in my stomach... Did you get any answers as to what it was?
  4. anyone get stomach spasms that coincide with feeling faint? They last for a second or 2. No pain.
  5. can pvc's/skipped beats make you feel faint/light headed for a second or 2?
  6. can skipped beats/pvc make you feel faint/light headed for a second or 2?
  7. I'm laying down and getting a tattoo. I was in normal psychical health and was not diagnosed with anything at all. I'm nervous about all things involving needles so I'm 99% sure I didn't eat enough before hand. I definitely had plenty of fluids and had water and gatorade with me. After at least 2 hours of laying flat, I got up to take a break. After about 10-20 seconds I slowly collapsed. Tunnel vision, light headed, weak, slowly fell down. Can this happen to a person WITHOUT POTS?
  8. Can anyone recommend a monitor that you wear across your chest and can see your bpm in real time. Something more accurate than the fitbit and apple watch.
  9. Right, but why did i feel like that when that's never happened? I had a real TTT and lasted about 10 min before feeling sick. It's my understanding that with POTS the person always gets tachycardia/dizzy upon standing. This doesn't happen to me at home though.
  10. The first doc i saw said i only had dysautonomia.(had an autonomic reflex screen done) I wanted to get a 2nd opinion from someone else. So he has me lay down on the table for a few min and the nurse takes my blood pressure and monitors pulse. I stand up and within a few minutes I started to feel dizzy and feel like I could have passed out if I didn't lay back down. This has never happened to me at any point over the last 2.5 years. (dealing with pots symptoms for 2.5 years) The new doc said I have POTS but didn't elaborate on much else. Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately, I'm not qualified for anything that pays well. My disability already ran out too.
  12. Of course I just had to be a welder in construction before I was diagnosed. I don't feel like I can do the things I used to do in terms of psychical work. Certain things I can but no job is going to want to accommodate that. It also comes down to a safety aspect as well. Has anyone changed careers?
  13. Thanks for the response. I never had any surgery so I'm not sure what you are referencing. Can you recommend a pre/pro biotic? I've never had them before. Thank you
  14. Thanks for the responses. The rolaids didn't do anything for me. Wouldn't tums or rolaids help for bloating or not necessarily? I am literally bloated 24/7 (I have a visible gut lol) so wouldn't I have to be eating something every single day thats bothering me? I rarely eat processed foods and stopped drinking soda years ago. Perhaps eliminating gluten would be a good start?
  15. I will definitely try. Thank you The only thing I've tried is Tums and they didn't do anything.
  16. I am visibly bloated 24/7. I have no idea if this is related to dysautonomia. It's been going on for around 4 months now. I've had several tests done and all were normal or negative. Tums and ginger tea does not do anything. It feels very uncomfortable to relax my stomach. Any ideas or suggestions?
  17. Yes, and when I rub/massage that area I usually feel the pain go to the middle of my forehead (right where my headache is). I mentioned this to my doc and he just said it could be a pressure point. I went to PT for nearly 4 weeks to have my neck worked on but there were no lasting results. There are lots of different maneuvers for vertigo. Do you know if they tried others?
  18. Besides allergies, I don't really have known sinus issues. I've had an MRI of the brain, and a CT scan of the brain and sinuses done. All were normal This sounds awful. How often do you go to PT? Is it still helping? How were you treated for POTS? Did you ever take anything for your migraines? I've seen 3 neurologists. The first 2 just wanted me on pills with no explanation of my headaches. The 3rd ordered an MRA but insurance never approved it. After i was diagnosed with dysautonomia, I never pursued it How did your POTS improve? I have a headache 24/7 so it's hard to say about my BP but it's always been normal. The only times I get symptoms of tachycardia is when I do minimal psychical exertion AND at random times I get episodes of tachycardia when I'm doing nothing. I've had several episodes of just standing and my heart rate was in the 140's. I was told I don't have the postural part of POTS.
  19. Has anyone here experienced episodes of vertigo? I know people here get dizzy and lightheaded but what about a 24/7 dizziness? I've head a constant headache for about 22 months now. Every single second of the day I'm aware that my head hurts. Anyone else have this?
  20. Being on Xanax for long term use is awful. Tapering off the drug, is the absolute worst. Has she ever had any diagnosing for the vertigo? I would suggest a VNG test or meeting with a vestibular physical therapist.
  21. Interesting. Several people in this thread say it only happens when they stand up. What was your tilt table test like? To my knowledge, there are different types of tilt table tests. I recently had an Autonomic Reflex Test (ARS) It was 2 hours worth of testing and there was a tilt table part. However, it only raised me 1 time from a laying position to a standing position. I stood up straight for 10 minutes and by the 9:30 mark, I felt faint, dizzy, and very light headed. How is this any different from standing on the ground? I have never felt like that from just standing.
  22. Can you elaborate on how you were diagnosed and what your episodes are like? What are your episodes like and how were you diagnosed?
  23. Thanks for the response. I should have clarified that my HR goes up pretty quick with minimal exertion. A cardiologist mentioned IST to me but it's my understanding that random episodes of tachycardia doesn't mean I would have IST. A lot seems to be unclear about IST!
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