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  1. I’m going to ask my EP zig this is an option for me as well. I met with the PA on Monday and she said if it happened again that they wanted to place another holter monitor....(I don’t want another one) it gives me terrible skin reaction and it always only shows the Brady and Tachy. The loop recorder is a great idea.
  2. Anamaria


    Congrats on your little guy! I’m no medical expert but I will say I have bouts of Bradycardia. It concerns me as well just because I’m so used to having a high heart rate. I even get episodes of my heart dropping and then speeding up all within a minute or so (those are not fun at all!) I guess if everything came back good in your workup it has to be something autonomic related. Hopefully you’ll get to feeling better soon. I know when I have my bouts of Brady I get super worked up too just because it isn’t my “norm”.
  3. I had to wear my holter for over a month for them to really catch anything significant. It showed exactly what you described where it goes super low then really high. I just met with PA att EPs office today and she said if it continues to happen she wants to put another holter on me again.
  4. Anamaria

    Anyone get a dry mouth?

    Is your dry mouth worse after eating? Mine is always worse after eating and it irritates me so bad because no matter what I drink it’s super dry for a while after eating.
  5. Anamaria


    My heart literally goes all over the place my EP can’t explain it. There has been talks of pacemaker as a last resort but neither I nor my EP want that. I haven’t drank alcohol in over a year
  6. Don that’s really great! I’ve been contemplating getting an Iwatch but I have fear that it’ll make me more anxious. I have a pulse ox and a blood pressure cuff too but I feel the iwatch will just have me ALWAYS checking, ya know?
  7. If it makes you feel any better I had a holter on during an episode my heart rate went to 43 then shot up to 160 my rthymn was ok though. My cardio EP told me this wasn’t dangerous at all. I have an appt with EP tomorrow and I’ll mention that it happened two days in a row. I get exactly what you described....I hate the feeling because it leaves me feeling anxious for hours afterwards because I think something bad is going to happen. Please keep us updated with what they find if they find anything pacemaker has been thrown around for me as well but I’m trying my best to avoid it.
  8. Oddly enough, my symptoms actually kind of leveled out for a few weeks. I was naive enough to think it was controlled or just disappeared all together. So these two episodes were even scarier because they literally came out of no where!
  9. I’m so sorry! The feeling itself is so scary and I literally have to talk myself out of rushing to the ER. I have had an extensive Cardio work up and they told me my heart was fine. The PA that I see at my EPs office is incredible and she recommended that I see a genetist because she feels like I have secondary POTS. I saw a genetist a few weeks ago and I’m going through the genetict testing process now. Hopefully they can figure this out soon. I’ll keep you updated if they find the cause of my heart doing that and if you find anything out on your end please let me know.
  10. Anamaria

    Sudden Loss of Eyesight In One Eye?

    First I’d like to point out that we have the same diagnosis! You’ve had your diagnosis longer than mine so I’d love to get to know some of your symptoms to see if any are similar and what you have found to help. I have eye issues as well and recently started seeing a neuro opthamologist. Have you seen one?
  11. I guess I forgot to mention that I use a pulse ox I didn’t check my blood pressure though a few months ago I felt something similar and I had my pulse ox with me it logged my HR at 43 but then it literally within seconds went up to 160 it recorded it on the holster monitor I was wearing at the time. It’s super scary in the moment and considering that I’m 32yo it’s even scarier! Hopefully my EP will have some insight on Monday. Thanks for answering!
  12. Yesterday at work I got an episode where I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath I literally felt my heart slowing down and then it went super high. I called 911 because I was so freaked out, I literally felt like I was going to die. The nice EMT did an EKG and told me it looked normal so I opted out of going to the ER (I feel like I live there and they always tell me to follow up with me EP). The same type of thing happened today when I was laying in bed propped up watching a movie I can feel it coming on I feel really weird and then I feel my heart slow down drastically and then go super high. Anyone have this with POTS? Is this a common symptom? I have an appt with the EP on Monday so I’m trying to avoid the ER and just wait it out until then.
  13. Recently I’ve been offered to have an EP study done along with a sinus node ablation if they can find the issue during the EP study. I have POTS but I also have inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and Bradycardia as well. Has anyone else been given this option? Did it work for you if you went through with having the procedure done? Any side effects?
  14. I feel as though at this point I’m developing anxiety. I’m currently taking Propanolol for my high heart rates but I still have a few episodes of it getting into the 120s. The doctors seem to think that something else might be causing my POTS so my mind is always thinking of what it could be. My blood pressure fluctuates a lot from being a little high, to normal, to too low. I’ve learned this is a very difficult syndrome to manage.
  15. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray that you’re able to be sooner. I know the wait can be difficult. I’ll definitely write next week when I get the results.