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  1. Yes on and off that’s been an issue of mine. I’m currently wearing a holter right now but I’m sure it won’t show anything out of the ordinary. The tachy oldly enough I can deal with, but the Brady scares me for some reason.
  2. I also have Hashimotos and I’ve often wondered if that’s what is causing my POTS and other Dysautonomia symptoms. My General Doctor said that it isn’t effecting my levels as of yet but she is considering putting me on a low dose of thyroid meds to see if that will help. I have an appt in a few days to discuss that option. I hope your daughter starts feeling better soon. I can really relate though because my body is all out of whack and my levels are still fine.
  3. Lol I cleaned my entire my house today and my left leg is numb I also feel like my pelvis is out of place, so with that my pinky toe and the one next to it goes numb and sometimes they feel cold. (They are currently leaning towards Ehlers Danlos type III as another diagnosis for me) Last time this happened, I talked to my Nuero and the PT that he sent me too, she figured out that my pelvis was rotated! I’d call your Neuro, maybe they can help? I hope you figure it out and feel better soon as I know from following other posts you’ve been feeling pretty good lately.
  4. I agree I saw Dr. Muldowney at Vandy and he was AMAZING.
  5. I meant to say that I have low B12 at the moment and that can cause twitching so in a few months when my B12 is back up I’ll be curious to see if the twitching stops
  6. Yes I do. I have for a few months now. I also get a lot of facial twitching. I’m starting to take magnesium to see if that helps.
  7. I have very bad acid reflux and I started thinking today that maybe that’s what makes you feel out of breath? I just started a new med for reflux today so time will tell if it helps me. I’ll keep you all updated.
  8. All of these replies make me feel a little more at peace. I’ve been diagnosed with POTS for a few months now but this is a new symptom. I also have mild asthma so it’s tricky to decipher which one is the cause.
  9. Yes I’ve been monitoring mine and so far it’s been normal. Hopefully it’ll go away soon. I’m encouraged since you said yours went away....did it last for a few days?
  10. I also get the feeling of not being able to take a deep breath as well. Almost like you’re just taking shallow breaths....
  11. Is this a thing with Dysautonomia? I’ve felt lately like I skip a breath (not even sure if that makes sense). Anyone else get this weird sensation or something similar? This is a new symptom for me not too worried as I went to my Asthma doctor and checked out fine but it kind of jars me a little when it happens.
  12. I also have tremors after my episodes they last a while but never has it been 6 hours.
  13. Two days in a row that I’ve just felt off it’s the oddest feeling and I do not like it. Thank you everyone for replying I’ll try a few and I’ll report back and see if any help.
  14. Im sorry your not doing well tonight! It’s like you think you’re doing okay and then BAM!!!! I drink at least four 33 oz bottles of water daily I’m not sure if that is enough? And I also add a can of V8 and I salt my meals. The dry mouth and “off” feeling tonight is almost unbearable. I know the doctors say this isn’t dangerous but it FEELS like it when you’re experiencing the symptoms.
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