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  1. Thermotabs and Instant Nausea

    Tonight I am happy. They're not making me nauseous anymore, I take them with food now and I am fine. Fortunately it was just a matter of a few days, I was able to adapt my management to use them. No reaction at all now except feeling better. I didn't need any naps today and could exercise with a few different pieces here, I'm about to go put on my ski pants and walk the dogs one after each other, no snow but it's COLD. Tomorrow I go back to PT, my first visit after starting thermotabs--I am stoked to see how well I do in my workout.
  2. Thermotabs and Instant Nausea

    Yes, that's right. Salt pills are not drugs. Sorta. And, as I wrote above, I would still like to be off most my drugs next year. Luckily my doctors are professors and or department heads. I suspect they may know about sodium and its effects.
  3. Thermotabs and Instant Nausea

    The neuro put me on the thermotabs because my BP is as low as my energy, got lots of fog though. I'll be seeing my primary next week and the two cardios in three weeks, we'll talk about it and adjust as needed. I would love to be off most my drugs, I am on less than last year which I attribute to my PT who has created wonderful exercise and balance programs for me.
  4. Thermotabs and Instant Nausea

    I love broth, I love mugs of it in winter. I am making veggie soup this afternoon--yummy brothy goodness. This morning I had less of a reaction. I made sure I was well fed and watered first and then I went back to bed for a bit after taking the termotab. I felt better afterwards, less barfiness. I am learning how to take them--I don't like them one bit but so far I have some less fog and I'm less fainty so I need to stick with it until my reactions or symptoms worsen.
  5. Fainting In Sleep

    Snug yoga pants will do it too.
  6. Thermotabs and Instant Nausea

    Thank you Vepa. Right now it's all hands on deck to raise my BP and this is another step in the Cut My Drugs and Raise My Vitals ChaCha. My doctors are very good at keeping me out of the gutter, literally, so no complaints there. I so want less reactions to my actions to improve my health. Right now I'm just taking three tabs--AM, afternoon, and PM, I'll give it a few more days and hopefully it will settle out or I'm chucking the bottle.
  7. The neuro added thermotabs to my management a few days ago and so far they seem to take the edge off some symptoms yet about a minute after I take one I am instantly nauseous. I have to drink more water to thin out the salt bomb which helps ease off the reaction intensity. I am hoping this is just my body adjusting to a new drug and I'll get used to it soon but in the meantime does anyone have advice on how to take these without the quease? Pleh. Thermotabs
  8. Welcome new members!

    So nice to welcome new folks. Glad to have you here.
  9. I get Air Hunger as a part of my attacks, it can be quite intense at times and others it's just like forever yawning. Air Hunger is also known as Dyspnea. It's something I've not entirely gotten used to but it doesn't frighten me anymore. I am sorry you are experiencing this and I encourage you to contact your doctor's office and ask for a call back, describe your symptoms and they will let you know to come in or advise on a specialist that can help you with management. Please feel better soon.
  10. Dysautonomia and benzos

    I have Vertigo and I am in the middle of getting a diagnosis for possible Drop Attacks which are a subset of Meniere's. I take 1-2mg valium to control the symptoms, I can double the dose to 4mg but it's naptime after that amount. I have had an upswing in my neuro symptoms and I seem to be extra sensitive to stimuli; rapid movement of my head or eyes will set off my symptoms. I've found that the valium is the only thing right now that makes it possible for me to concentrate and work. If you have sensory overload Valium may make it possible to function.
  11. VEMPed

    I had my VEMP test today, it was physically the worst test of my life. LIJ Hearing and Speech was an awesome place, such nice people took care of me. They even have a help-yourself keurig bar. For the test I had leads coming off of my forehead and neck right at Frankenstein's bolt placement, and then they put the plug in my ears, left, then right and back for more on the left. It was like a cross between a jackhammer and a cuckoo had been shoved into my ear canals and set to vibrate. Ugh. I wanted to scream and I thought I would hurl, it's not supposed to make you nauseous, it just may have been sensory overload. They told me over and over what a good patient I was --I think because I didn't go nutso freako on the table in front of them (can't imagine why!) I didn't get a sticker saying I was a good girl but they validated my parking so that's something. I treated myself to a haagen daz cone afterwards but it didn't do it, I really want a big bag of money and a new life. This beautiful wood carving was on the wall at the center, I had to take a picture--it's spectacular art.
  12. Anesthesia and Dysautonomia

    That might be something to be researched in the future.
  13. Anesthesia and Dysautonomia

    Oxygen is a therapeutic drug. I wonder if it is related to the oxygen? Are we getting an oxygen boost to our brains?
  14. New Member--Question about Working

    I want to be you when I grow up.
  15. POTS and bladders

    That's annoying to get the constant urge. Please consider to call your primary or gyno and ask if you need to come in and rule out a UTI--a urinary tract infection; the few that I have had made me pee rivers. You may also call the doctor that cares for your dysautonomia and let them know about this change--suddenly you are peeing more than before and it is disrupting your sleep. In the meantime, you can start a daily sheet of what you are drinking, how much and when. You may unknowingly be drinking fluids that are/or contain diuretics. Or, volume is toooooooo much. I think keeping a diary will minimally be good documentation for when you see your doctor, it will help them to get you into a maintenance where you have enough fluid but don't give up your rest or sleep. Bring it with you to your doctor visit. There is a balance and I hope you find it soon.