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  1. @firewatcher dr Tian is sending me to Vanderbilt! Very excited. I bought a recumbent bike to try the CHOP exercise protocol. Nervous to work out alone but I’ll try
  2. @firewatcher I am so late replying but it’s so weird you say that! I see doctor Tian too. At piedmont heart. I love him, but I want someone to help me find my underlying cause. Is he helping you with that?
  3. Hi, I’m interested in finding a doctor who actually understands PoTs and takes it serious rather than telling me it’s all in my head. I’m in metro Atlanta and I also have a house in Pensacola Fl and I can commute to places in Alabama. I prefer finding a doctor in metro atl though. Has anyone ever been to Dr. Michael McConnell? Or have a doctor in these areas that know there stuff? I’m desperate. Anything helps.
  4. I’ll start with a little back story. In August 2017 I started noticing that my hr would pound like crazy when I did anything except lay in bed and it started to scare me, I told my mom about it who is a nurse and she blew it off and told me that it was probably nothing. One day in September me and my mom were in target and I started sweating and feeling as if my hr was going up, so I told my mom I thought I was about to pass out and I didn’t feel good and she took my pulse and it was 180 bpm and we went to the hospital where they ran all types of test and told me I needed to see a cardiologist
  5. @Always hoping he is the type to say “go cold turkey”
  6. @yogini he gave me no diagnoses, he said I had low bp and postural tachycardia and that I’d “grow out of it”.
  7. So I was on florinef 0.2 mg twice a day for about a month and then about 2 months ago I started cutting one of the pills in 1/2 and so I’ve been on 0.1 mg at day and a 1/2 at night for about 2 months but now when I get any type of nervous or stand too long I start sweating and I’ve started checking my BP during these times and it will be like 120/85. I know that’s fairly normal but my body isn’t use to that and it makes me feel like I could die. So because of this I’ve been wanting to go down to just 1 pill a day. Do y’all think it’d be safe for me to just quit taking my 1/2 at night? (I’m anx
  8. So I’m on florinef 0.1 mg and half of that at night, it has helped my low blood pressure so much and I barely get dizzy anymore but I still have problems with my heart rate going up while standing and I have noticed that while standing my legs turn blotchy purple. Keep in mind I live a very sedentary life. I’m not sure if I have PoTs but I think I do, i don’t know I’m lost. I added pics. Please do not make fun of my unpainted toes lol
  9. This is prob a seriously stupid question but I’m a hypochondriac about medicine so my question is, I wanna get on a multivitamin and I take florinef. Does anyone here take a multi vitamin and florinef? Don’t wanna ask my doctor cause he will laugh at me lol
  10. The last post I put here I was extremely scared about what was going on with me so this is just an update, I still have no idea what to call my condition, I don’t even know if I have PoTs but this is the only think I can find that would make sense. In my last post I told of how I was on midodrine 5 mg three times a day, florinef 0.1 twice a day, and lexapro 5 mg once a day. Since then I have quit taking midodrine with no side effects, took florinef down to 0.1 a day with a half of that at night, and lexapro 10 mg. I still have low blood pressure (with a little dizzy) but also high blood pressu
  11. @KiminOrlando @mountain girl @RecipeForDisaster Thank all y’all so much!!
  12. @KiminOrlando I feel much better on these meds, I have spikes in my BP where I feel sweaty and shaky, I take my BP at those times and it’s usually 130/85 and when I wake up I’m dizzy but other than that this has been working good for me. You said maybe I would be lucky and it would go away, how would I know? So I could come off these meds. Also, not trying to be super nosey into your life, but do you live a pretty good life even though you’ve had this disease so long? Are you happy? and live a fairly normal life with medicine? I’m scared if it doesn’t just go away that it will cripple my life.
  13. @yogini yes I noticed everyone else else started slowly on meds. My cardiologist had me on florinef 0.1 mg for a month and then added another 0.1 mg in the day And only had me on that for a week before he then added midodrine 5 mg 3 times a day. He did not take anything slowly but told me to not worry and just take them. He did not diagnose me with PoTs, I’m going to see a Dysautonomia doctor very soon though so maybe I can be diagonosed. He told me that I just have low BP and I’ll out grow it because I’m so young. I hope he is right! But just something makes me feel like there has to be a rea
  14. @yogini @KiminOrlando can these meds cause brain fog? Or is it my anxiety making me think I have brain fog?
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