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  1. Hi everyone, New to the forum, happy to have found a community of people with POTS Some background on myself, I am currently 16 and was ‘diagnosed’ with POTS in January of 2019. This diagnosis was given by my primary after going over my symptoms and many negative cardiac, thyroid, and blood panel tests. The reason I put diagnosed in quotations is because my doctor has never seen the POTS symptoms and therefore, hasn’t provided a definitive diagnosis. The diagnosis was given out as a reasonable conclusion and as a way to get the needed, educational accommodations. After the diagn
  2. Hi! I have low grade fevers (98.7-100.3) all the time; almost weekly. They typically present themselves as 24hr colds but make POTS symptoms worse for the following 2-5 days after. Pre-POTS-diagnosis in 2019, I got sick often but not as often as now and symptoms were closer to that of a typical cold. I wonder if this is something that is related to POTS and if there is anything that can help with it. Like many of you, I have had many a tests preformed, all coming back negative which is SO FRUSTRATING when communicating symptoms and issues. Looking forward to finding resources and connecting w
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