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  1. I may have asked something similar in the past but does anyone else get like a sharpe vertical line pain down the left pec in the center. I get it of and on usually but lately its been happing more. Just wondering that I am not the only one. Thx.
  2. Hello all, I had this weird event that happened to me and it wasn't the first time. This time involved caffiene. I usually am fine with drinking coffee as long as I stick with one cup. In fact I have been drinking it almost daily for a while now with no problems. I enjoy trying new things so I like to try new brands and flavors of coffee/caffiene. Usually if I drink to much which has happened before I usually calm down once I drink some water and wait maybe 10 or 30 minutes and im fine. So I stumbled upon some something called gfuel which supposedly a healthier version of other energy drinks with no sugar. However it has 300 mg of caffiene. I usually never go this high but I figured I could just split it up throughout the day which I did and I turned out fine. However the next day I decided I might try a new flavor. This time I must have just lost track of my pacing and ended up drinking the whole thing. Boy I was gonna get a lot done that day but just ended up walking around the ER for 5 hours thinking I was gonna die. It felt like I oded on caffiene and the worst panic attack ever. I thought I would drink a bottle or 2 of water and it would go away but that was not the case. I ended up drinking tons of fluid cant even count on two hands. I had extreme bloating that I thought stomach would burst or have some heart issues. It was scary. The next day all my muscles were really sore. Its hard to describe but it was just not fun at all. This happened to me one time before mixing a small amount of weed and alcohol together on accident. The scariest part was the bloating. It feels like I am going to blow up somehow. There must be a threshold I crossed which immediately sent my into a crash or something. Anyone ever have similar experience?
  3. I have also suspected that I may have a csf leak. How long have you suspected? I sort of just gave up on doctors so I never ended up getting tested. If you find a good doctor in Washington feel free to let me know!
  4. I smoked half a joint after i drank two beers and oh boy I had a horrible reaction I ended up throwing up it was not a fun time.
  5. I've had this 1 time in the past but thats also because I have depression. However I hear pots patients can potentially get this as well. Is this true?
  6. Dyautonomia can develop from a wide variety of conditions. In my case, I have never been diagnosed with any specific syndrome but I am positive I have a form of autonomic dysfunction due a long history of depression. Specifically, I was emotionally burned in childhood/teenage years and was never able to fully recover. The pain got worse and worse over the years until it lead me to some pretty dark places that I won't get into. Eventually I became numb like in the song comfortably numb. And thats is when this autonomic stuff started happening to me. I was really scared at first but thankfully I found this forum and found much comfort in the fact I was not alone. Which is why I feel it is important for me to post this here in case anyone with similar experiences ends up on this forum. I was lost for a long time because I always labeled myself as having depression. Which is true but the correct terminology is that I was burned. I won't get too much into it as it is a sensitive topic but we are all made up of the four elements of water earth air and fire. Yes I am referring to the astrological phenomenon which is looked down upon in the scientific community but in my spiritual journey I found it to contain much truth. Anyway, I hope this won't get deleted as it has on some other places. I just want to post this here in case someone may find comfort from a similar experience as I have from this forum. Feel free to pm me. Thank you.
  7. I posted a similar question before just wondering if anyone else gets this. Whenever I breath out I get this creepy tingling feeling in my left chest that sort of stays there until I breath in again. Just looking for comfort for anyone else experiencing this. It sort of feel like pins and needles. Thx.
  8. I get this really benign feeling tingling in mostly my left pec. Just wondering if anyone else gets a similar feeling? It sort of feels like a straight vertical line going downward in the middle of my pec.
  9. I noticed when I drink a lot of caffiene my muscles get really sore. I also get more flip flops in my neck. Does anyone else get similar symptomes?
  10. Sometimes I get this weird nervous feeling in my arms and sometimes legs. Along with my armpits. Its like this weird adrenaline nerve feeling where if I move them even an inch it shoots up my whole arm with this feeling. This also is accompanied with a vague weakness across my whole body. Anyone else get this? Thx.
  11. Just want to ramble in this post. It seems out of anything that I do the thing that triggers the most amount of palpitations is stress. Especially fear. I could be laying down doing nothing and if I get scared of something I get several palpitations in a row. Also recently I have been experiencing upper chest tightness especially on the sides. Of my chest. Does anyone else get these symptomes?
  12. Could be Delta. But they really do feel like palpitations. They happen right under my jaw at the top of my neck. However if I move my neck weird I get a similar sensation of tightness that lasts longer. Its just another weird symtom I gues...
  13. Its kind of weird. The ones in my chest seemed to have died down a bit however they may have been replaced with more of them in my neck. Specifically right under my jaw in the middle is where I feel them the most. Also it happens when I am sitting down at my computer. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this. It might be because I am paying more attention to my neck but it really does feel they increased there. Any replies appreciated thx.
  14. Hello, I noticed whenever I do a stressful activity weather it is playing video games, taking a test, or something else, I get a pain in my neck right under my jaw and sometimes in the back of my head as well. It pulsate sometimes but goes away when I calm down. I assume this might be from blood pressure, but it could also be from tense muscles or stress hormones. Does anyone else experience this? It usually only happens when I'm stressed and not moving.
  15. If you guys don't know, we are in mercury retrograde. Which basically means weird and random accidents happen like your tire goes flat or something. But I noticed it really affects my symptoms for pots as well. I just feel like I dont want to be in my skin right now. Anyone else?
  16. Sleep apnea event? Do these happen to you? Why is it bad to sleep on your back?
  17. Once in a while I wake up abruptly in the middle of the night and it feels like I am going to die. I have a sense of impending doom, racing heartrate, chest tightness, and it sort feels like I cant move my body for a while. It only last a few seconds but it is sooo uncomfortable. Anyone else experience this? I am realizing it happens the most when I take naps instead getting a full night's rest but it can still happen whenever.
  18. Thanks for the response. Did the pinkie pain go along with it? Hope you are doing well
  19. A lot of my symptoms have improved thankfully but I still get these strange pains in my pinkies. I cant tell if I get it more on my left or right hand but I do get it on both hands. I even get it on both my feet as well. Sometimes if its really bad it will spread to my palm and other fingers. I just wanted to post this in case someone else experiences something similar and can relate. Stay positive.
  20. I get the same thing! I have had an mri too and they found nothing. I try to tell docs but I dont think they believe me. It might be related to a csf leak but who knows. Along with this the back side of my neck feels weird. Not painful but like something is clearly not right. Thanks for sharing!
  21. So I went to several respected cardiologists in the past few years. My most recent visit was less than a month ago. I took a stress test and everything came back fine. However for a while now I have been getting left arm pain. And I Also have been getting it when I breath in. Sometimes I dont get it but it is frequent enough that it bothers me. I'm just looking for comfort now and hoping other people have experienced this symptom. I also have a stiff neck and if I bend it a certain way sometimes it triggers the same pain in my left arm as it would when I breath deeply. It's weird. Maybe there is some autonomic nerve that is under stress causing this pain it's really confusing. Anyone else feel this way? I hope everyone is hanging in their.
  22. Thank you for this post. I also have had a csf leak. I'm sure I had it as I remember the pain laying down. I Al's remember the feeling of what seemed to be cold liquid rush down my spine. Yet the mri came back negative and the doctor was very condescending with me saying it's just anxiety. I may take your advice and send my mri to the doctor you listed. Thank you.
  23. Nothing new here. Just looking for company. Something I noticed in the past year is that if some one scares me or if I get excited too quickly I get a sudden pain go down my whole left( sometimes right) arm. This pain is just like the normal pain I get occasionally but this pain only lasts a few seconds. I also get this pain sometimes if I'm just lying flat for a long time and quickly move my arm even just an inch. The pain goes away quickly after that. Another strange pain I've been getting is in my left chest and it feels like an expansion pain instead of constricting. It goes a little into my side as well but it is not very comfortable. Just wondering if anyone else has this.
  24. Along with the normal chest tightness I experience almost everyday, I also sometimes get another weird distinct pressure in my chest that I get every once in a while. I feel it mostly on the right side of my chest by the sternum. I really dont know how to describe it but it comes on for a few seconds and then goes away. It comes back seemingly randomly and eventually just disappears for a few days, weeks, months. I dont know how else to describe it but does anyone else get this/ know what I'm talking about?
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