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  1. This is just a thought - I wonder if you email VSL and explain that you haven't had much success with other brands and that you would like to try their brand (but $100 is expensive for a trial) if they would be willing to send you a few freebies or let you purchase a lesser number of probiotics (say a week's worth). The worst they can do is tell you no.
  2. Was just reading VSL's website and it says the probiotic needs refrigeration. Be careful where you order it from. Who knows how long it's been sitting around in a hot Amazon warehouse. If a discount is important to you, you might seek out a no refrigeration necessary probiotic (Orthobiotic, Prescript-Assist and Bio-Kult are the ones I know that are shelf-stable).
  3. No experience with it, but I have heard only good things about VSL#3. I take Orthobiotic as recommended by a doctor and I like it a lot. One thing it has that many of these other probiotics do not have in them is Saccharomyces boulardii. It's a yeast and my understanding is that it helps fight against candida (I was on long-term antibiotics, so this was an important thing to me). Looks like it can have some other benefits also, per WebMD: http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-332-saccharomyces%20boulardii.aspx?activeingredientid=332&activeingredientname=saccharomyces%20
  4. I'm s glad to see this because my husband has high cholesterol and I've been warning him that he does not want to take a statin. Thanks for sharing and so sorry that both of you have suffered from taking this awful drug.
  5. Just wondering if there's a pattern in dietary habits that make dysautonomia better or worse. I personally can NOT eat a low carb diet. I do much better on a good amount of carbs. I stick to gluten free, and avoid a few other things that upset my stomach, but everything else is fair game for me (I eat pretty high quality stuff - organic, grass-fed and/or pastured, local/regional as much as possible, not much sugar as I don't have a sweet tooth, nothing with additives like high fructose corn syrup, dyes, artificial sweeteners, etc.)
  6. I get short of breath sometimes when I stand up (I know that my BP is dropping pretty good when that happens), when I go up stairs (despite being really fit) and after certain types of exercise.
  7. I tried it again yesterday. Had terrible pain, no Advil this time, took a Midodrine earlier than normal and the pain subsided after 30-60 minutes. Since I took one earlier, I took another again later when the pain returned. Again the pain subsided for hours. Now I know that I need to take more of it when traveling.
  8. I have IBS in the other direction. I think that no matter what, probiotics help. Also, I used to be pretty chronically constipated until I eliminated gluten. If you eat gluten, you should try stopping for a while and see if that helps.
  9. I've been having a really bad pain flare lately (traveled to Florida from Ohio over the holiday and I'm either sore from the travel or change in weather). Today I was suffering pretty bad, so I ate some food and had an Advil. It didn't touch my pain. A little while later, I took my daily Midodrine, which I tend to take in the afternoon when the energy starts to run low, and shortly after my pain went almost completely away. It's only been a one-time experiment thus far, but it got me to wondering if Midodrine can help relieve pain.
  10. I'm female, 5'4" and about 135 (lean and muscular). Actually, right before my health problems started, I was a very lean 14% or less body fat (I'm probably about 18% now).
  11. I use the NUUN electrolyte tabs to add to water, but I think they might be causing nausea (but they otherwise work for me). Does anyone else get nausea from the electrolyte supplements that you use?
  12. I agree with Corina. I'm a terrible advocate for myself, but great for someone I love. I'm going to use her suggestion for myself in the future. And if you still feel nervous, just remember that the doctors "work for you" (in a sense). They are in business to help people who need their help.
  13. I'm just throwing this out there...not saying this is true for you...dysautonomia can be a symptom of something else. Have you been tested for things like various autoimmune diseases that would cause neurological symptoms?
  14. Any chance foot and hand warts are a manifestation of dysautonomia? I've had plantar warts for about 2.5 years (been going to the dermatologist for freezing every 3 weeks for well over a year and they still persist). Suddenly, something popped up on my hand and I asked the derm about it. He said it might be a wart as well. I've never had a hand wart (had one plantar wart as a kid). I have some other skin issues as well - frequent flushing, a rash that would go away and come back in the same spot for a very long time (that spot still itches all the time, but looks better), bumps like mosquito
  15. My understanding is that even though the biopsy is the current gold standard test, it is still very inaccurate. Go by symptoms. Not eating gluten won't hurt you.
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