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  1. I usually get worse with my period. I have found that 4-6 g of salt a day helps me to be able to drink more and not be constantly peeing. You mentioned sprinkling salt but you didn't say how much. When I was taking only 3 g it didn't help at all. I had to take more. Balancing it with potassium is a good idea. I am still trying to figure out how to do that but the no/low salt thing is a good idea I had forgotten. One more thought. Friends of mine used to have trouble drinking enough during pregnancy due to nausea. One found that sparkling water went down better. Another drank iced white tea. E
  2. What a great post and so helpful! I am not on any medication yet, just salt, H2O and compression. My case is mild. I also have some other health issues that I have to consider when making choices for my body. But not freaking out and obsessing - making everything worse - is such good advice. I had a minor freak-out this week related to my autoimmune issues, and it made me feel so much worse! I need to learn not to do that. It is so helpful to connect with people who have already worked through these things! Thanks, Lemonade!
  3. Mine started in 2010-11, although may have had some symptoms before that. Mine has gotten better and worse over time. This last year it has been at its worst yet, though, so I think it's getting worse overall, but it's hard to tell. It also varies a lot over the month.
  4. I am "able" to work, socialize, etc. The problem is being able to do all of those things in the same week! If I work a 40-hour week I will be doing precious little socializing, shopping, etc. Just the minimum to survive.
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