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  1. I was offered calium blocker but i said no cause my low blood pressure.
  2. Thank you for your replys. My heartrate still high i luckly sent children to school i am resting feeling useless as all needs to be done but hey least i have not got swollen eyes etc hugs ?
  3. My mri was clear . I have asked for one on my legs now let see if i get it.?
  4. So i am house bound i dont go out much cause this lovely pots .i wanted my hair doing so my mum bought the hair dye and did patch test day before. I was fine. So yesterday went on putting it on and i started to react within minutes i started to go dizzer and i started to go hot faint i felt myself go to faint so my mum quickly washed it of my heartrate was high so i lay on floor waited drank water still was high so they called 999 for a amblance and come took me to hostpital and i had half a saline drip about 600 ml they said looks like reaction to hair dye the same hair dye i used from 2002/
  5. Hello does anyone get a rash on arms face cheast stomach when start walk further like red blotchy on my legs to ?i have pots is this normal?
  6. Hello i am 27 i have pots i am thinking asking for a wheel chair as i cant walk far when i do i feel like i going to pass out i have leg pains i feel heavy and hurt.
  7. I found it affects me as i am in so much pain and it last thing on my mind
  8. Hello and welcome am new to i also have pots i am on no meds i drink looooots water and eat extra salt seem to not help . I am housebound exept for hstpl app and one day on sofa of my sister in law i cant walk far i am only 27 i have two children witch i struggle to look after clean house bath etc but i put there needs before mine as most mums do ha ? The beta blockers lowered my blood pressure didnt ever touch my heartrate just made me feel ten times worse they offered me calciam channel blocker they seen to lower bloodpressure as u might gathered i allready got real low blood pressure ha I
  9. i am new to it really hard to make friends keep friends . I found
  10. Thank u for all your kind replys .i didnt expect onesorry about late reply easter holidays kind of broke me ha .i have asked for a scan cause i suspected i have relapising and remitting ms . i been told i have pots and me/cfs though it all started getting worse after my second child in 2012 i had a spinal injection i sure this has caused a leak .hope u all ...well as well as can be ?i do see a doctor she not been much help on it all yet .
  11. Hello new here . I have had a cheast xray in hostpital and ecgs and bloods.i had standing test i have pots i get all lovely pots symtoms but one that i dont get help with is the serve bone pain and tingling in my legs aems and my head under my ribs my feet they hurt all time i have asked for a mri i have been refused everytime am only 27 they think am making it up am sure .i am housebound i cant walk far i on no medacation at all just water an salt.....
  12. Hi am new .i have had fitbit charge now i have fitbit charge now it helps carm my worrys helps me no when to sit or quickly drink water i have pots
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