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  1. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had the same result / success with compression calf sleeves as opposed to knee high socks? Thanks.
  2. Yes, my surges come and go to coincide with my flare ups. I am currently going through a small flare-up of symptoms at the moment, but have not experienced a surge. I can go for years without having one if I am having a good run. I too, have also said to my husband that it feels like you are about to die. They are so frightening. And always leave me feeling cold and drained. I commiserate with you - they are definitely not fun to go through.
  3. Yes. Usually big changes in heart rate in the morning (until I take my beta-blocker, re-hydrate and get moving around). Pretty stable throughout the day - sometimes only a 20 or 30 beat increase from sitting to standing, then it can go either way during the evenings. Sometimes I'm fine, sometimes just standing at the kitchen counter talking to my husband has my HR at 160. If it doesn't settle after 20 or 30 minutes of sitting, I may take another BB dose.
  4. My hearing goes, followed shortly by my vision fading out. Immediately laying down or squatting always reverses it. I've always put it down to a sudden drop in BP. It's pretty embarrassing when I have to squat every few steps while walking down the supermarket aisle!! 😂😭
  5. When I am in flare, (as I am now), I always experience one sided numbness. Always the left side, and to varying degrees. Sometimes it's my whole side (from muffled hearing and numb mouth all the way down to my leg) sometimes just my arm, other times my two smallest fingers, or sometimes just patches on my back and the back of my calf. I find that this totally disappears when I start feeling better. I can have years of not feeling it at all. I mentioned it to a cardio once, who was quite alarmed and sent me to see a very good MS specialist. He was able to exclude MS due to a lack of other
  6. Hi, I'm childbirth-induced POTS mommie as well. Wanted to see how you are doing a couple of years after that. Does it ever get better? Are you functional? Thanks! L.

  7. I have read that most of us feel better in a swimming pool because of the water pressure. For some reason, I feel worse! I feel like the pressure of the water is too great around my body (mainly around my chest area), and I cant get a good deep breath in. I feel like the water is squeezing and suffocating me...and it doesnt feel good. It doesnt even have tobe a huge volume of water - I even get this feeling in the bath. Does anyone else feel like this? Or can tell me why I feel like this? Thanks.
  8. Can anyone relate? Or explain to me why I get very bad palpitaions when I get very nervous? I'm not talking about your general run-of-the-mill anxiety / nervousness / knot in stomach feeling, I'm talking about the nervousness you might feel due to public speaking or some other activity in which you might be being judged and watched (e.g riding an equestrian dressage test) etc... Also, would these palps be considered dangerous, or should I just push through and ignore? Thanks. Apart from this, I have actually been feeling great lately.
  9. I had a UTI 7 months ago and had to go on antibiotics - I also felt really good while I was on them. Was even thinking about going in to see my doctor and begging him to give me a never ending script
  10. Bending over makes me feel like either my head will explode or I will give myself an anuerism. I try to avoid as much a possible.
  11. I also feel really bad two or three days before and a few days into my period, and then I slowly start feeling better. Although I was always like this, even before I got sick, and my sister is the same and she doesnt have POTS.
  12. My husband does try to be supportive, but I know deep down he wishes that I just 'got on with it' or 'push through it'. And while this has been the cause of many, many fights in our household, unfortunantly I also understand that unless you have experienced an 'invisible illness' for yourself, you will never know what it is like to live with one. No matter how many specialist appointments he goes to with me, I just dont think he will ever 'get it'. He gets very frustrated with me because I look the same as I always have - I can tell him that I am very weak, extremely fatigued and so brain fogg
  13. This is exactly what happened to me when I went to see a psych to help me deal with this illness when I first got diagnosed. Anytime I would talk about any of my symptoms she would 'remind' me that I had 'health anxiety' It really made me lose faith in psychs, which was really disapointing for me because I felt that I could do with the help. I also started to understand why a lot of people with metal health issues had felt like the health system had let them down here in Australia, but on the other hand I feel that it is unfair of me to form this sort of opinion after one bad experience. For
  14. OMG Erik you crack me up! 'Emu's'... LOL !
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