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  1. My son is 16 w/ POTS and is having a difficult time envisioning how he is going to manage a life. Please share your successes with coping with career/work and POTS.
  2. My son (16) was just diagnosed with exercise induced "asthma" and prescribed ProAir inhaler (non-steroidal) to see if this would help improve his POTS symptoms while exercising. By exercising, we mean 5 minutes on a bike at slow pace without triggering symptoms. Hopefully we can get this up to 20 minutes. If not, we will try the steroidal version. Any input on experience with this approach or if it sounds reasonable would be welcome.
  3. Hi, My son was diagnosed with POTS in 5th grade (after 8 years of trying to find a diagnosis and after watching the show Medical Mysteries) but it became much worse in high school. With missing so much school his grades are not great. Regardless, he is still interested in attending college. He is still deciding a field of study, but is interested in computer science and/or psychology. Does anyone know of colleges which are POTS 'aware' or at least are more flexible and offer support for individuals with invisible disabilities? Merry
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