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  1. my doctor said today i was borderline for Autonomic neuropathy he said it was rite on the border line but he would not worry about it should i really not worry about this ? or am i looking to far into things ?
  2. Can less activity and Weight loss cause muscle atrophy ? I was 180 pounds when I developed pots 8 months ago today I am 160 but I think I have some atrophy in my legs ? Possible ?
  3. I am gonna apologize ahead of time for asking this but I have to see if anyone can tell me what's going on or possibly going on....I have fatigue in my legs after a bowel movement ? I know nasty and weird but I have no clue why? Again sorry
  4. Can you have an autoimmune disease even if every **** test comes back negative ???
  5. This is gonna sound weird but can atenelol "heart medicine" Cause burning pain in the arms and legs ? Is that possible ? Has anyone else had burning pain In there muscles or nerves on atenelol ?
  6. I am having a muscle biopsy this friday August 16th and my Wedding is August 31st....will i heal in time for the wedding ?? i know everyone is different but i was curious how everyone else healed ??
  7. i had a normal skin biopsy normal emg/ncv i have developed this burning pain all day long in my thighs and my biceps for anything i do does anyone else have this type of pain and does it have to do with POTS ? any help would be much appreciated =/
  8. no i am asking my doctor if i can supplement it did the doctors say why you had them ??? or just something caused by POTS ?
  9. good to know because they are driving me crazy and the google did not help either hahaha they wont stop
  10. Anyone know of a Good Ehlos Danlos doctor in Queens NY ? If so please tell me I want to look Into this as the cause of my muscle burning...
  11. how often do yall get these spasms ? are they an everyday thing ? and can they occur anywhere on the body ? has a doctor said anything about them ? maybe i will try to supplement magnesium and calcium ....
  12. they did a paraneoplastic panel from mayo clinic ? they did cpk esr aldolase emg and ncv i am not sure whats going on as it is very painful....i have seen 100 doctors in the passed 8 months and no 1 has any clue whats going on i have probably had every test you can think of honestly
  13. Maybe I will try and supplement that..how do you get checked for als? Anything else help anyone besides magnesium ? Is this a pot symptom ?
  14. Anyone else get muscle spasms or twitches ? Mostly in my.legs feet and arms but they don't hurt I just feel the spasm ? Anyone else ? Is this due to pots ?
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