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  1. Interested in more experiences with this - how have people with autonomic neuropathy found it in regards to tachycardia?
  2. If I read that link correctly, neuropathic POTS patients actually have too much nitrous oxide availability? So I don't know if y'all have seen this recent study about PPIs having significant effects on blood vessels by reducing nitroux oxide availiability by 30%. I've been afraid to try them again (got severe headaches from all of them before) because of this... but maybe it would actually be good for me it seems.
  3. According to Wikipedia "Agmatine inhibits nitric oxide synthase (NOS)..." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agmatine
  4. Yeah I've been on a gluten free diet since this started almost a year ago and dairy free for many years; in my case at least I don't think it makes a difference; but I'm not willing to go off of it and risk it with all the GI parts of this whole picture.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. It's very helpful. I used to use turmeric in cooking for years almost every day before I got sick, just because I liked the taste, yellow color, and had read about its anti-cancer properties. I've been afraid to use absolutely any spices since the terrible gastro symptoms that came with this disease, but I should probably re-introduce it!
  6. Thanks Issie. After doing some reading I ordered 160 mg fat soluble benfotiamine. I'm going to hold off on the acetyl carnitine and omega 3 for now so I can evaluate the other two individually.
  7. Okay guys... so since my appointment a month ago with my neurologist when it seemed I was improving... a lot has happened to make me think that my small fiber neuropathy has continued to progress - and perhaps at a rapid pace. I've suddenly started having burning/tingling/pins and needles in my hands and feet all the time. My gasto stuff has gotten worse again too. I want to try some supplements. I have read the studies on alpha lipoic acid and I have read here a bit on it. I have ordered some. I am quite hopeful about it based on the studies I read. What else are people taking for small
  8. But who's going to try it next... And who will volunteer to take some placebo... Just kidding. But really, would love to hear if anyone else tries this! Alan, glad your hr is staying well at least.
  9. Hey, whatever works! Congratulations, I join everyone else in being happy for you. Keep us posted on how you progress. Who is going to be next to try this?
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