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  1. HI Cat-Lady! I was hoping you would respond - I thought you had a similar onset. I did post a poll somewhat recently re: ablation link to POTS? about how many of us think our ablation was the CAUSE of our POTS....would you please vote in that? I need it bumped up anyway!
  2. Just want to chime in that I have very scary episodes (not the same kind) too - I HATE them. They always scare me.....and I often wonder about driving, taking care of my kids, etc. Fortunately, I do not pass out. You are not alone though!!
  3. Yes, I am currently pregnant. I think I had POTS (or was beginning to develop it) during my last pregnancy (but not because of it). It does change things a lot, and has lowered my threshold for a lot of things. One of my major hypoglycemic episodes was when I was pregnant - but did not have dysautonomia at all yet.
  4. Sue1234 - I wonder if I have an actual drop at that time of day too. Most days (depends when I got up, etc), I start to feel hungry/odd around 11am or so - if I don't eat sooner rather than later, I will feel weak and not right. The part that confuses me about this is: I have had 2 instances in my life that I KNOW I had very low blood sugar-- the shaking, sweating, major hunger - got food asap and fixed it. In these frequent morning episodes, I never get to that point even if I don't eat for a while - but I do feel weakish/odd/hungry-but stomach feels past hunger and can't think of anything I
  5. Thanks...I could stand to eat healthier - and space my meals better. However, I have always had very low BMI (just genetic, not on purpose) - used to weigh in the 90's (I am 5'1") - I am now about 105. My remission period - last year coincided with putting on that little bit of weight (not from eating well tho) - so I thought they were connected - but no such luck - kept the weight and the remission ended. Unfortunately, this pregnancy has really, really lowered my threshold even more for bending over and exertion. What's weird is that I almost feel like the bending causes too much blood to be
  6. MacksMom- You totally get what I am saying. Nothing really precipitated my SVT - I had had 3 children, but with no complications and my youngest at the time was about 3 or so....and no illnesses that I can remember. Yes, it seems to me that anything like mito would have been a problem earlier on. The mid-life onset does point away from that. The exertion is def my main trigger, and the late-morning weird hunger/blood sugar thing is pretty frequent for me - think I need to eat something small at that point to head off anything. My episodes just feel so endocrine - like something is way off - al
  7. Hi Yogini, My POTS was DX in Feb 08 - and symptoms started about 6 months (arguably sooner)before that......about 1.5-2 yrs after my ablation. Yes, for me most any exertion, extreme emotional stress, hormonal changes and sometimes nothing (but I suspect at these times it is a blood sugar type issue even tho it does not feel like typical low blood sugar) will cause my episodes - sometimes now I know the vague warning/feeling of an oncoming episode and realize that I need to stop plunging the toilet (or whatever minor exercise I am trying to get done). I have a lot of fear about my episodes....c
  8. Dianne, Yes, I was healthy- no problem with exercise, or anything all my life. UNTIL - early 30s SVT and PVCs, then ablation, and within 2 years POTS. So, something changed drastically - and all I can think of is ablation. Could have been many things though; I second Sue's question - what metabolic illnesses? The exertion problem is by far my main and worst problem. I have never had a problem with standing or dizziness - there was no improvement or decline - it was just never a symptom for me....which confuses me when I read the POTS board.
  9. I wish my episodes were connected to menopause, because then I would have a reasonable expectation for improvement. I need to figure out the real root cause for me. My current theory is ablation....see my posts and poll on that. However, my episodes feel like weird endocrine events....so I still wonder about things like MCAD, etc because of the similarities and episodic nature.
  10. Unfortunately, I can't attribute anything to menopause. My POTS started around 33 yrs old....and I'm very regular. My cycles do affect the POTS though. I need to find the reason for my episodes......knowing it's "just POTS" isn't cutting it any more for me. I just can't imagine living the rest of my life with this fear and episodes.
  11. I have always thought that I had a little different version of POTS than it seems many of you have...maybe not, please chime in! I never really have had a problem with standing....just with exertion. Well, after a party the other night, my standing stamina was confirmed when I saw the time when I left the party. I was there for 3.5 hours and don't think I sat down once. I did move around a bit, but mainly was standing still and talking to people. I felt fine, good in fact. I also do not have dizziness. My problems are with exertion (the threshold moves depending on hormones, etc, but it is alw
  12. I remember we had similar symptoms....are you still around??
  13. Yep, I think so. The more I think about it, the more I think my POTS was caused by my ablation - see my poll on ablation. I wish it were a more 'fixable' cause, but who knows. It would explain a lot of my symptoms....esp that bending over now causes a lot of fullness in my chest (my SVT was triggered by bending over) and feeling bad - can't do it much. The things I am not sure it explains are: problems with heat/hot weather and my weakness episodes that last over an hour........these episodes may be explained by it though, since they are sometimes triggered by exertion - I cannot do any real f
  14. Just looked up my catecholamine results. They took them after 30 mins of resting: lying down, sitting & standing. Here are my results, which look fine to me....anyone have any input?: (all pg/ml) Lying: Epi 38 Norepi 323 Dopamine (too low to report - under 10) Sitting: Epi 28 Norepi 332 Dompamine same Standing: Epi 39 Norepi 417 Dopamine same
  15. Thanks, StacyRN. Sounds like you have worked hard to research and firgure this out for yourself. I did have my catecholamines checked and they were normal - can't remember the numbers, but I will pull them out and look. My norepi did not go up very much if I am remembering correctly. I do think though that something is being missed about my 'episodes', of which I have a couple different kinds. They are intense and episodic, not all day long at all, nor every day - provoked by exercise, heat, and sometimes hormones or nothing. They include some combo of: chest pain, feeling hot, feeling very we
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