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  1. Other things I've found that helps are to put an ice pack on my stomach or take a cold drink of water. Breathing exercises sometimes help settle my heart rate too.
  2. I have found that going for a short, quick run every evening has really helped with adrenaline rushes. It feels like I use up the extra adrenaline this way, so I get less rushes especially during the night. I know I am lucky to be able to exercise like this.
  3. I've had to give up going to the hairdresser but I've found someone who comes to the house. I can get my hair washed before she comes, she just cuts it and then I can dry it myself. So much easier. I used to wonder why I felt so strange in the hairdresser before I was diagnosed. I especially couldn't manage leaning back to get my hair washed. It's great to come on here and find out that my weirdest symptoms are normal for lots of other people!
  4. There are videos on YouTube of lying down workouts suitable for POTS. I found this one really good. .
  5. Diagnosed about a month ago (probably hyperPOTS) but have been symptomatic since the birth of my second child 3 years ago. In hindsight, have had mild symptoms for longer, but noticeably worse since then. On a sidenote, got whiplash in December (said child kicked me in the head, horseplay gone wrong!) and had a big flare after that!
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