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  1. Hoping someone can help me out. I did cardio today for the first time in a while. About 5 minutes into the run, I started to feel nauseaus, lightheaded, and very disoriented. Soon after this my fingernail beds turned dark purple like I have never seen them before. Had to stop and walk back home because of how weak I began to feel. Still feel terrible an hour later and have been breaking out in a cold sweat while my vision is weird (seeing black spots all over). I figured my blood pressure would be very low but its perfectly normal. What could this be? It really seems like it is somehow related to my oxygen levels given how similar the symptoms are to hypoxia. I have POTS and CFS.
  2. The only thing that has helped me fend off these attacks is propranolol. I think because it blocks the adrenaline. However recently I've begun to develop Bradycardia. For 2 years I was always tachy and my resting HR was about 90-100. Over the past month it has dropped to 40-50. Not idea why but it feels very weird, especially when laying down. However it will still get up to 120-13- if I go from laying down to standing. Maybe my heart is just worn out. I know the propranolol will help me with the adrenaline rushes but I'm scared to take it now because of how slow my heart beat is.
  3. Interesting Debbie. I've never heard of SVT. I'll do some research thanks. Is there anything I can use to see if it is SVT during an episode? Would a doc be able to tell if I have it if I'm not in the middle of an attack?
  4. I really need some help. I get these major adrenaline surges a few times every week. Some times I am able to calm myself down before they spiral out of control. When I'm not able too, my body goes nuts. I get major convulsions to the point where it looks like I'm having a seizure, if not worse. My entire body shakes uncontrollably for 30 minutes or so and I can barely talk. I even strained my back one time because of how violent the shaking was. In addition my BP spikes up high and my heart rate becomes very fast. Does anyone else experience these? It's landed me in the ER several times and they are unable to tell me why it keeps happening to me. It's always just attributed to stress and anxiety. Does anyone else experience these? Is it normal in POTS? I'm a nervous wreck.
  5. I have dysautonomia and CFS. My blood pressure doesn't get low (if anything it gets too high), but I have the classic tachycardia upon standing. Fatigue is obviously one of my main symptoms. I find in the morning after a good nights sleep I feel relatively decent. However if I take a nap during the day for 1-2 hours, I always wake up feeling absolutely terrible. As soon as I stand up my heart rate will shoot way up and all my symptoms are flaring pretty badly. Does anyone else experience this? I've had to stop laying down during the day and just fight through the fatigue because it actually reduces my symptoms.
  6. Does anyone else experience this? Is this common in those with pots or should I assume it is something else unrelated to dysautonomia? When my symptoms are bad my hands develop a very deep red/purplish hue. Also the veins in my hands are becoming much more visible than they ever were before I got sick.
  7. Im going to give this diet a shot. Can you give more detail on what exactly you eat?
  8. Thanks for the response. What about salt? How do you make sure you get enough sodium in? Or do you find that high sodium intake does not help you?
  9. Hey issie thank you for sharing. Would you mind telling me what symptoms you had that have drastically improved through this regimen? I tried the low fat vegan thing for a few weeks. I'm pretty skinny and wasn't able to keep weight on while doing it. It also gave me terrible bloating and made my anxiety terrible. I'm willing to give it another shot though after reading this.
  10. I wanted to make a thread on this and see if anyone else can relate to me. I don't get the typical PEM symptoms most people talk about on CFS/dysautonomia boards. When exercising I notice negative side effects immediately. My body becomes very cold and I break out in a cold sweat, nausea, skin becomes clammy, dizziness, hearing loss, weakness, shortness of breath, and begin to feel pretty terrible for about 30 minutes. After I stop working out however, these all go away. Not immediately, but after an hour or two I feel "alright". I don't notice any symptoms that become worse hours/days after exercising like most describe with post exertional malaise. Any idea as to what this may be or what tests I should get?
  11. Wouldnt a beta blocker help as it blocks epinephrine and its effects? I may try taking one again. I was on one before I started getting these episodes but had to stop taking it as it was making me too dizzy. I know it came make things worse if you have MCAD so what tests could I get to see if I am having mast cell issues?
  12. O God lol I can't even watch that video. Going to throw me into a panic attack thinking it will happen again. But yea that's basically what mine look like. Did you find anything to help this? It's pretty terrifying as it's taking place. I was thinking about asking my doc if I could try a saline IV.
  13. Hey guys. So for the past 6 months I have been chronically ill. I was DXed with POTS at Mayo a few months ago and given a beto blocker which only made things worse for me. I also believe I have CFS and am currently seeing a doctor to further examine that. Not sure if the CFS is the primary problem and POTS is just a symptom of it, or if its the other way around.... Anyways, I recently began to get these severe episodes that are new to me. I got the first one last week. It starts slowly and I can feel my pulse begin to rise. Then my entire body goes freezing cold. I start shaking/shivering violently, my pulse usually hits 130-140bpm, my BP gets to around 160/90, terrible nausea, disoriented, can barely talk, my extremities become extremely cold and turn blue/purple, etc.... It's dreadful. Can this be POTS related? It's happened to me twice now and am terrified of when another one may strike. Was seriously considering going to the ER as it was occurring but was able to push through it at home. They usually last for around an hour or so and then I feel pretty bad afterwards as I wean out of it. I was reading of some similar experiences from people who have the hyperadergenic form of POTS so was wondering if this could be a possibility. Any advice/help you guys could offer me would be very much appreciated. Thanks for listening.
  14. I'm think I may have mito. I have all the classic symptoms.... Exercise intolerance being the big one. Did you get any answers at the Mayo in AZ? Im currently a patient there and am going to ask about testing.
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