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  1. MarkA

    Beat the heat

    Battery powered fans are a great way to beat the heat! They supply a cooling breeze anywhere. Ryobi makes one that uses their 18V tool batteries. Powerade makes single serve powder packets that are clear in water.
  2. Thank you so much for your input! I had never had this issue before and of course after a follow up exam they can find nothing different and no reason for it but yet now I too am more sensitive to bright lights and especially to focus issues!
  3. So I had an bi-annual eye exam a week ago and as part of the exam they used drops to dilate my eyes. During the exam after the drops I experienced severe nausea and vertigo. My eyes were extremely sensitive to light and I spent several hours in bed with a pillow over my eyes to recover. Skip to Sunday. I was doing some work with a large magnifier with a fluorescent light attached to it and I immediately started having the same sensations. I spent all day in bed and have not felt right since. Has anyone else ever had this type of experience?
  4. https://www.quora.com/How-might-parasites-turn-out-to-be-good-for-their-hosts
  5. I believe this is related to this research as well. http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-05-trigger-unleashes-autoimmune-disease.html
  6. I did it to get relief from hip pain prior to surgery and it also helped my GERD go away. It is strange that i will sometimes get a VasoVagal response to injections but never did from the Acupuncture needles. I do not know if it would help but I do know it is not a quick fix type of thing. It takes repeated treatments over a period of time to work.
  7. I have done Yoga for many years and it is essential to me because my muscles never relax and are always tense. A lot of good points have been brought up here. Any good instructor will encourage you to adapt your practice to what your body can do or not do. Forward Folds are rough on me so after 3 in a row I opt out. The constant shifting up and down can be triggers so learn to adapt and stay down or up and skip movements as needed. Another great alternative to Yoga is Tai-Chi. Amazon Prime has a lot of great video's on both.
  8. What unusual items have triggered your Vaso Vagal response? I just had an extreme case of laughter got lightheaded and almost passed out. I have had close calls on the freeway and got really scared and have had to pull off on the the berm after getting lightheaded. Anyone else experience things like this?
  9. Hi John and sorry you have to be here with the rest of us. Yes it is more prevalent in Women but here are more men out there with it that have not been diagnosed yet i think. I had it all my life but was 50 before I was diagnosed.
  10. I have chronically tight muscles and do not get relaxation during sleep. I also expereience cramping and spasms. Yoga and stretching helps as well as periodic massage therapy sessions. I feel it is POTS related but can not find a definative link.
  11. I like seeing articles like this and hope it leads to an effective tratment or a cure. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/among-trillions-of-microbes-in-the-gut-a-few-are-special/ The course of treatment discussed here resetting the gut microbes reminded me a of a product I stumbled on awhile back. It makes me hopeful for the future that positive things are coming!
  12. I LOVE my cooling vest. I also use evaporative towels and small ice packs on the bald head. I even have had to use my vest in the winter indoors under my heavy Santa Suit.
  13. I had moderate Sleep Apnea and use a CPAP machine with a built in humidifier. I sleep very well with it now and no longer snore or have to sleep on my stomach which was wrecking my shoulders.
  14. I to have vivid dreams and nightmares occasionally which trigger my fight or flight reflex and usually wake me. My dreams returned when I got my CPAP for my Sleep Apnea.
  15. The Lavender will actually help in falling asleep as well as some herbal sleep remedy's, but stay away from melatonin based one because they can affect your POTS. I use L-Tryptophan based one's when I need them. I have also noticed now that I sleep sound and dream that some dreams will trigger my fight or flight response and actually wake me up. I forgot my night time dose of Metropolol and had a especially vivid dream and woke to find my pulse trip hammering. I increased my night time dose from 27and 1/2mg to 50mg ( with my Dr's consent) because I found it helped me wake up fewer times during the night.
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