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  1. AND, congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! <3
  2. Oh my gosh! I can't imagine going up 10 flights of stairs or riding a bike! I hope I'm on my way to feeling like I can do that too! As far as the medication interaction, I saw somewhere that one of my medicines could interact with Ivabradine to potentially cause Long qt syndrome. I asked my regular dr (not my cardiologist) and she said she checked it in her interaction checker and there were no interactions. I'm a little confused about why it would say everywhere not to take these together but my dr. says it's fine. I'm not feeling super settled about this. I must be misunderstanding som
  3. I'm now taking 7.5 twice a day and I feel AMAZING! It's like I'm getting my life back! I am in total shock over how good I've felt! I feel like this is a miracle medication.
  4. Summer is on it's way. Do you all get really sick in the summer? I cannot handle the heat at all. Those of you who have figured out how to make it through the summers without getting sick- what are your tricks?
  5. I'm still learning about everything so this might be a stupid question... Have you tried florinef? I have POTS and IST and it seems like the florinef (and increase of electrolytes/fluids and salt) have helps the POTS part a bit and I'm thinking that the Ivabradine has helped the IST part a bit. I'm sure they both help both issues, but I thought maybe it would be something to try? Good luck to you. I know this is not fun trying to figure out meds as I am in the same boat right now!
  6. I just had an appointment with my cardiologist and he moved me from a teensy dose of 2.5 twice a day to 7.5 twice a day. I'm waiting for my Rx to be delivered (by mail) and then I'll be able to try it to see if it helps.
  7. Have any of you tried the Deliciously Ella Cookbooks written by the girl who has pots? I feel (like you shan1212) that I haven't really tried diet changes but it seems like a lot of people find this an important part to feeling better.
  8. We got a few different flavors and tried them, but I did not like the taste at all. I guess I'll stick with powerade zero for now.
  9. Thoughts on Nuun tablets? Would you recommend them? If so, are some flavors better than others? Pros? Cons?
  10. Is the Ketosis Diet the same thing as Ketogenic Diet? I have been looking at this (my dad is on the Ketogenic diet). I've also bene looking at the Pegan (Vegan + Paleo) diet. I think my heart rate is being really affected by sugar and carbs, but I'm not positive that this is what is going on. I'm still trying to figure out if that's really what is making some of the bad days really bad or not. The other day I ate a brownie and my heart rate was about 160+ just from standing and walking for a minute or two at a store. While sitting my heart rate was about 110+. Earlier in the day it was about 8
  11. I drink Powerade Zero. What is the difference in quality between Propel and Powerade Zero? How does the Propel taste?
  12. With all of us listening to audiobooks, maybe it would be fun to start a thread in the off topic "chit-chat" forum with audiobooks that you all have enjoyed and suggest.
  13. I just noticed a few other peeps mentioned audiobooks too! It's good to see it's helps other people too!
  14. I listen to audiobooks and play mindless games (Gem Spinner II is my mindless game of choice). If I don't do this, I'll be up all night thinking about things. I set a 60 minute timer on the book on my phone and fall asleep. I hope you find something that works for you!
  15. Those of you who mentioned having side effects with Ivabradine, what were they? Did you have any digestive issues? Feel free to message me if you would rather not say on the forum. I haven't been feeling super great and I'm trying to figure out if it's a result of starting this medication. Thank you.
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