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  1. I have had that happen to me also. The past few days have been very bad for me. I cant wait till april to go back to the cleveland clinic for testing. I am hoping for some answers. I just added you to my facebook page of friends because i saw your link on this page. I hope you'll accept my request. My name on there is Desi Labanoski. Also I see you are from PA I am also.
  2. I had one a few months ago and i felt nothing. The nurse injected the solution in very slow and that made it much easier and i didnt feel that rush feeling. It was fine. Good luck.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has seen Dr Fouad at the Cleveland Clinic and what results they have gotten from her. I am scheduled to see her on July 28th and would like some input if at all possible. Thank you. Desiree
  4. Thank you for the reply. I wish you all the best at your appointment and am looking forward to talking with you about your experience. Good luck and safe travels!!!!
  5. Hi, I was wondering if any of you have gone to the cleveland clinic and were seen by Dr. Fouad? I have an appointment at the end of July and was just wondering how she was as a pots doctor. Also did she do tests that day or order them for later. I live in northeast pennsylvania and it is a six hour drive for me so i just wondered if this was a one trip deal or if i may have to go back. Also if you did go there and have to stay over, where did you stay. I see several hotels near the hospital but i just thought if anyone else stayed there they may have a good suggestion. Thanks for th
  6. I was a hairdresser with my own salon for a few years when i was diagnosed with pots and the doctors said the chemicals were part to blame for the problems i was having. They told me no more perms or colors and i know when i do my own color now i suffer.
  7. This is just too funny that you wrote this because I love this show and i often think the same thing. I wish there was a health show to make all of the problems that we have just go away. I would work my tail off to get rid of these problems. I just am glad that someone thinks like me.
  8. I am very frustrated. I went to the ep last week and had my third ttt. When it was over they told me I had POTS, but i have been being treated for pots by this same doc for the last 5 years. What the heck? How do you keep diagnosing someone with the same thing over and over and not give any treatments? I went to my family doc today and she was floored!!! She is now going to see about sending me to the cleveland clinic. The other thing is that now i have to get an ultrasound of my thyroid and see an endo doctor. I had radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid 12 years ago so i dont under
  9. Just curious if anyone ever went to the cleveland clinic. I live in pa but my eye dr told me his wife went there and had great results. I don't know if I could even go since I have medical assistance insurance but I just wondered how anyone else did there. Thanks.
  10. I dont know if any of you watch dancing with the stars but last night the first dance had a song on it that could be the theme song for all of us potsy people. I cant seem to find any humor in this problem at all but this song fit so well. I googled it and it is called gravity by john mayer. Download it and listen to it for a little chuckle. You would think he read this site and then wrote the song. Hope not to offend anyone with this I just found some of the words fit me with pots so well. Hope everyone is doing a good as can be.
  11. A few times in the last month I get woken up and I am extremely sweaty, my heart is racing and i am totally out of breath. The only way I could explain it is as if you were holding your breath under water and you come up for air. I dont know what it could be. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. I did just that today. I went to basketball practice to help my fiance which i used to do myself and i hardly did anything and my heart rate shot up, i started sweating and i lost my breath. I was only up about 10 minutes. I get very frustrated cause i used to coach my own team and i sometimes feel like i can but days like today remind me just how sick i really am. It is very frustrating. I hope you feel better soon and dont over do it. I guess i should practice what i preach. hahaha
  13. Hi All, I had my social security hearing yesterday and it was actually a piece of cake. I was really nervous over nothing. The only catch is that they said i wont have an answer for about 3=6 weeks. I thought they would tell me right on the spot. But at least the waiting for the hearing is over. I waited over a year. Now just have to wait for an answer. Thanks for all of the good thoughts though. You all are sooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I have my Disability hearing tomorrow at 2pm and I am really nervous. My future father-in-law just passed away last week and now my hearing is here and my nerves are shot. Does anyone else have major pots flairups with excessive stress. I really dont know what to do to calm down. I am just glad i can come here to talk. Thanks Desiree
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