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  1. ohHHH the MRI is in the TUBE!!! I hate being in the confined tube and thought my last head MRI (i've had 3) would be my last!!! Thank goodness for that mirror they have you look in to give you the illusion of space! oh and valium.... Oh well. I see my endo in 2 weeks and im not sure when the MRI is scheduled, still waiting on the letter from the hospital, Ill find out soon enough!
  2. thanks! hmmmm it will be interesting to see if anything shows up on the MRI. I've had a brain MRi which showed nothing, but this one will be specifically looking at the pituitary. Did your friend have surgery or the meds to decrease the mass?
  3. Sorry to rehash this old post! recently i've tested high for prolactin and cortisol (cortisol on a number of times) i did the stim test and my starting cortisol was actually too high!!! though it didnt double when injected, but thats another story! Nina I am interested about your friend with the pit tumor....what other symptoms did she have? Im seeing my endo in 2 1/2 weeks, and getting a pit MRI soon.
  4. i testeted positive to mycoplasma....interesting ill have to read the full text whem im feeling a little better
  5. Thanks guys for your input! I definitely didn't means panic causes PoTS! i just meant that those susceptible to panic attacks may be susceptible to POTS. Thats all! And i wanted to see whether it can play a role in recovery. Thats all! And i guess i will never know if my panic attacks were POTS or just panic attacks. my first one was after id climbed a round of stairs, but then i would get them situationally later (on long bridges and waiting in traffic). So its hard to say. Im sorry if i offended anyone. i really didnt mean it!
  6. I was reading about POTS and panic disorder and how sometimes they may be related. No im not saying all the symptoms are in your head, but that the same thing that causes panic disorder may cause pots (unless of course something else is causing your pots like EDS, MCAD etc. I suffered panic attacks before pots but they weren't debilitating, just annoying. Pots for me is totally debilitating. Just thought this would be an interesting topic. Especially after reading the anxiety thread.
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