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  1. Ernie, I saw the same doctor in Montreal as you did and he treated my son and me with as much disregard and disrespect as he did you and your son. I wrote to the head of the ethics dept about how poorly we were treated but of course this doctor denied everything. He told me that I had no problem except that I was totally out of shape and needed to go home and exercise. That was in 2008. Since then I've been diagnosed with a number of conditions, most recently small fibre neuropathy and neuromuscular disease. This was proof that everything I've been experiencing is real, that I'm not just 'tota
  2. Thank you for your concern and support, Naomi and Bren. To my son who does everthing for me, to the both of you, to all Dinet members and to the 2 doctors out of the 7 that I've seen, I offer a heartfelt 'each of you is a godsend'. No, Naomi, the physiatrist I saw didn't have the equipment or computer programs which would have lead him to the next level of testing which would have indicated a cause for the neuromuscle disease. I have to see another physiatrist who can do this. Once this happens I can only pray that there will be help. I'm wondering had I been diagnosed even 2 years ago by the
  3. I finally have a diagnosis that really tells me why I have so much muscle pain, fatigue and weakness. A cardiologist referred me to a Physiatrist who did muscle testing and then diagnosed neuromuscular disease. I now go to another physiatrist who'll do more testing and will hopefully be able to give a name to this disease and then prtovide follow-up treatment. Over the past 6 years I've become almost totally housebound but now look forward to a short walk without total exhaustion . I almost cancelled out on this last appt, thinking, "No one has ever helped me in any way, so why should I think
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