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Need Blood Pressure Monitor Feedback


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I have really struggled lately and am keeping a temporary diary of BP/HR and symptoms.

I have heard Omron is the best, but then found this online after being told Walgreen's had good prices.


My current has been accurate but is 9 years old HEALTH TEAM.

I need a SELF INFLATE due to morning hand weakness. Any input into this type?

I would like to find it locally as opposed to OnLine as Walgreens is close and I can return it if it acts up. ;)

My current one does works most of the time...but not always deflate and reads error...Especially when I try to take BP STANDING. This may be because my BP spikes when standing or drops but with the error reading, I have no clue. Though as a rule, if somebody's BP is in the HIGH side, it will read error.

Course, when I lie down, it reads it because the BP DROPS when I lie flat, as does HR.

Anyway, I know years ago folks said this brand or that brand but does it really matter as all brands learn similar technology? Just thought I would ask about this one.

I know nothing is made like it used to but would appreciate any feedback.


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Hi my Doctor is about an hour away. Don't see him again until Spring and if I have a question before then, can email him.

I have heard the Omron is the best. I am getting negative feedback about Walgreen's if you have low bp, it reads errors. Duh. That's why I need to check it to see how low it goes, or how high when I first stand.

and the one I have now, has not been used much and now, it's errors and problems inflating and deflating.


I wish I could try before I buy one. ;)

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I use the Omron HEM-650 - bought from Amazon.com. It's a wrist BP monitor with automatic inflation/deflation and a heart positioning system. From what I had read prior to purchasing, the wrist monitors can be less reliable than the arm cuffs because they need to be at a special position for an accurate reading. However, the heart positioning system on this one ensures that the monitor is in the right place before it will start to inflate. It's tricky to get it in the right place the first time or two that you use it, but after that it's a snap. Reviewers on Amazon compared it to the bp measurements at their doctor's offices, and it read beautifully.

I really like the wrist type over the arm cuff type for convenience and portability.

This one has always been right on the money for me, but it does seem to have a hard time reading my bp/pulse when I go into neurally mediated hypotension (the huge bp/hr drop before actual syncope). It gives the E error once I reach that stage. The lowest it has actually registered for me is 67/41.

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Hi there. I have recently been having trouble myself, thus I had to buy a blood pressure monitor as well. I was told to buy Omron, because it's the best. I bought the Omron, Model HEM-711AC, which provides an arm cuff and measures blood pressure/pulse/irregular heartbeat. I've been completely satisfied with the ease of use, and I have had no trouble- plus it comes with a five-year warranty which is quite nice. I hope this helps.



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I bought an Omron BP monitor a few years ago (model 705IT). I choose Omron because that is the brand that my doctor has. The only times that it has given me an error reading is if I am moving my arm / tighten the muscles on my arm whilst it is trying to get a reading. I discovered the problem when I was doing lying and standing BPs on myself and was holding the monitor in the hand that had the cuff on the arm!!

In the UK we have a pharmacy store called "Boots" that have their own brand BP monitors. I am convinced that Omron make then as they are identical to Omron's and have all the same features, the only difference is the logo on the corner of the machine and the packaging. I wonder if Omron make monitors for any stores in the US??


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Interesting topic. I have a wrist BP monitor that I bought a while ago actually for school, and am now using for myself. So, I did not go top of the line. So, I don't have Omeron, but it has seemed to work well. It seems to give measurements that are pretty accurate with with how I am feeling and what kind of readings I get at drs. offices. So, I don't think it is too bad. I do know that the wrist ones if not used correctly are not supposed to be very reliable.

Good luck on finding a good one, and not too expensive! ;)

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Thanks, everybody. I should have known a 'bargain' priced machine ain't no bargain.

Also I should have specified an arm cuff. NOTHING else is acceptable for me since most nurses can't count my wrist pulse properly.

Only my doc can count it properly. He says the nurses only count "every other beat".

Oddly enough, the treadmill HR counter at the gym only counts half the beats half the time. So I for sure need an arm cuff.

Hope Santa brings $$ for Omron machine.

That seems to be the ticket.

Thank you all for your comments.


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I have an Omron and it errors if my heart rate goes above 110, every single time. However it seems to do okay with BP's.

The wrist machines are not supposed to work as well, because the further you are from the heart, the weaker the pulse. The brachial (artery in the inner elbow) is a much stronger pulse and the machine much more likely to pick it up. I am hyperandrenergic, so my pulses are all bounding...I think it wouldn't matter with people like me, but if your pressure drops big time, it may have a harder time the more distal you are from the heart.

I never saw wrist machines used in the hospital or any office. If it checks out with your doctors, then go for it. There is nothing that will ever work as well as a manual that's quality controlled, so it's like everything else, what works for one, may just not work for another....morgan

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Yikes! Errors if the pulse goes above 110 ?? Mine can go from 70 lying down to 140-150 just standing up? ;)

Crimeny...wonder how much different machines vary?

The newer model claims it catches weird HR rhythms. I wish they would let you try before you buy but that would not be sanitary.


I think I need a "Thing" besides my bed. That would help with a manual machine.

Anybody remember THING from the Addams Family? The hand that came up out of a box?

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

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