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Migraine Cluster Headaches


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Hi guys,

My doc is sending me to a neuro who specializes in migraines/headaches. My docs seem to think that what I am experiencing are Cluster Migraine headache attacks..Just curious who else has this and what their treatment plan is (meds, self help things, etc.). The docs would like to put me on Imitrex, I am also looking for feedback on that med. Thanks!


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My hubby and son have cluster migraines, so go long periods without any and then get a bunch at once. Jake, my son takes topamax, which is a major help to him. Hubs takes a very small dose of beta blocker, which helps him.

They still have occasional breakthrough headaches, but not anything like they used to ( knock on wood) They both use imitrex nasal spray and do very well on it. The shots make them feel weird and the pills are hard to keep down. The nasal spray tastes awful, so they always make sure they have a mint or something to suck on.

Neither one has POTS (although my son is showing some minor signs) It's the one thing I don't seem to be plagued with (knock again) Hope that helps....morgan

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I don't have autonomic problems but I do suffer from migraines. I get about 8-10 per month. I take Imitrex in pill form. I used to take 100mg but it made me so tired and dazed that I now take 50mg instead. Imitrex has been a life saver for me because it works so quickly. I was first on other migraine meds, but they would take most of the day to kick in before I got any relief. I feel for you. Migraines can be a huge stresser on the body and for you who is suffering from other things as well, I can't imagine how it must be. Hope you get some relief from Imitrex!


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I am working with an optho-neurologist who specializes in headaches. I have viacdin and dilaudid to take for the headaches. My neuro put me in the hospital for 5 days to try to break the cycle of the headaches. At that time, they discovered that I had problems with my BP. Eventually, we came up with an autonomic disorder.

My headaches still continue. She started me on dexidrine which greatly helped the autonomic symptons, but the headaches are still there. She just started me on florinof last week. I'm hoping that it might help with the headaches. I don't like having to take vicodin on a daily basis, but we're working on it. I tried imitrex, but with continual headaches, that didn't work out. I would be really interested in hearing how you make out. I hope you find some answers.



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Imitrex did not work for me... but then my neuro prescribed Frova... and that works great for me.

I believe I had a "cluster" headache... though my neuro brushed it off as a migraine (she wasn't listening very well). When I had it, it was through the night.... I finally took Frova and it helped that one too. I woke with a bloodshot eye - right where the pain had been - like a skewer going through my eye and head. But the Frova helped that one too!

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Hi ..... I had Cluster Headaches, and it was those HAs that led to my diagnosis of Sleep Apnea. I had had them for awhile, and the Docs had tried several meds without much success. I was just growing more fatigued by the day. Finally, I did some research, and found that about 80% of people who have Clusters have Apnea. I was tested for Apnea, got a machine to treat it, and the headaches stopped.

Much to my surprise, tx for Apnea also helped greatly with my Dysautonomia symptoms. I think I have posted about this before on this Forum, but will repeat it. After some time time on a CPap machine, I was able to discontinue 2 meds that I had taken Dysautonomia for years.

Here is a link for some info on Clusters and Apnea:


Hope this helps. Those Cluster Headaches are horrid!....and that is an understatement.

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