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Happy Birthday...


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Happy Birthday Emily,hope you are well and having a beautiful day,Hugs Pat

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i cannot believe this, i thought i would be the first one to congratulate emily today, as i am in europe and way ahead in time of you guys!!!!!!! and now so many off you beat me, shouldn't you guys be in bed and snoring????????!!!!!!!

nevertheless em, here comes my famous singing for you on this very special day!!!

happy birthday to yououou

happy birthday to yououou

happy birthday dear emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

happy birthday to youououououououou

i hope you will have a very happy birthday em, together with your loved ones!!!! i think some of us would want to come and congratulate you in person!!!!

enjoy the day,


corina :)

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Hello All!

Rachel, Thank you for posting for my birthday! And, Corina--I think you were off by 24 hours! Oops! But, I'll give you an A+ for effort! ;)

I really appreciated the birthday wishes and I am sorry I'm so slow to thank you all!

I did have a very good birthday filled with lots of love and we got to spread it out over the week! I think we should all have a 'birthday week'! :)

I'm hoping 32 is gonna be a good one!

Love, Emily

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