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Dark Chocolate Relieves Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

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Well this is nothing new as far as I am concerned though it is no (long term relief, edited after brain hiccup! ;) ) for horrible fatigue as the thread title said unless you were tongue in cheek...

but an 'aid'.

I used to be a milk chocolate gal but years ago suddenly preferred dark chocolate. It could help me get thru cleaning the house a bit, or taking a shower or before exercise!!

It can WORK indeed!

:):lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Well, once again, as you can see in the title, it does not say "cures chronic fatigue syndrome." Rather, it says, relieves (def: to cause a lessening of) symptoms (def: sign or indication of disorder or disease).

This was based on a small study done here, in which the patients did not know which chocolate they were eating, and patients evidently reported a lessening of fatigue while eating the dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has been touted in numerous studies, reports, etc over the past few years for its antioxidative properties and its effects on seratonin. I'm not saying that eating chocolate cures chronic fatigue, but at this point I'll try just about anything not poisonous to decrease the fatigue.

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Sorry for the brain fog hiccup.

Still, I find those little dark Dove chocolates (Individually wrapped) can help on some days to get thru a task.

A little salty pretzel goes well with it, too. But dark chocolate covered pretzels needs to be studied next.


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or just get dark chocolate candy, and miniature little pretzels and eat a piece of both at the same time!

:-) I tried making my own at Christmas but it was messy (I am a baker not a candy maker) and they did not look as 'pretty and perfect' as I would've liked.

I used the GRIPPO brand pretzels as they have LOTS of sodium compared to most brands.


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Wow Pat, can you still find those flat pretzel snacks out there? That is a dangerous recipe for me---lol. I would definately have to make something like that when I'm going to a big function, so everyone eats them. I couldn't have them around the house. That is one thing I have trouble controlling myself around---chocolate covered pretzels. However, I would replace the hershey kisses with Dove chocolate.

Sophia, Rold Gold pretzels have 580 mgs of sodium------ ;) (The little pretzel sticks)

I love the chocolate covered pretzels a friend of mine makes.

It's true, chocolate does give me a burst of energy--------although it is short-- B) The only Milk chocolate I like is Dove, Russel Stover, Godiva, and I love M & Ms plain. The only candy bar that isn't plain chocolate that I like is Milky Way. I'll ask my husband--"aren't you in the mood for a Milky Way"? Why do I ask? So I can have a bite of course---LOL.

Sometimes I pop a few chocolate chips in my mouth before I check my e-mail, and pop on the web sites. It perks up my mind a bit too-- ;)

I'm careful to watch how much chocolate though, usually never more then a bite or two. However, if I'm having a bad day, I've been known to fall off the wagon..... :P I'm usually pretty disciplined with chocolate, but I can't have the chocolate covered pretzels around, or I'll eat too many----shocked3.gif

Maxine :0)

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Easy recipe Pat but I am a freak about DARK CHOCOLATE.

I am also a chocolate snob and prefer different things than chocolate chips. ;)

I do use them for cookies but when ambitious, have chopped up Dove Dark chocolate for cookies. DIVINE.

Also I prefer Dove for chocolate covered pretzels.


But as long as it helps us individually, IT's ALL good and chocolate IS A PROVEN mood enhancer!!!

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Sophia, I edited my post-------I'm a chocolate snob too-----LOL

One chocolate I don't care for is Hershey------unless desperate of course----LOL. Sorry Hershey lovers.... ;)


My mother in law loves hershey, and my mother liked it too------- ;)

As far as the chocolate chips go, I'll eat nestle in a pinch-----they are really not too bad. I always have them in my house for making brownies. One box of plain traditional PILLSBURY brownie mix made like it is on the back of the box, but I add almost a whole bag of chocolate chips--(nestle only). I save enough on the bottom of the bag for my husband's cereal. Yes, he puts chocolate chips on his cereal---LOL. Everyone thinks I made this fabulous brownie recipe. Everyone refers to these brownies as my "famous brownies". Easy for potsy folks to make---- :P I use smart balance regular to line the pan, and use saflower oil as the oil used in the baking instructions on the back of the box. I used to make these brownies before I went to work in the morning when I was working-----that' s how easy they are to make.


I do miss Fanny Farmer Chocolate. There used to be some shops where I live. They were based out of Chicago, and I don't know if they still exist. The last shop here closed years ago. They had the best flavor to thier chocolate.

Max :0)

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I made my own pretzels last christmas.

Believe it or not, I think Godiva is over rated. The Godiva in THIS country is not as good as what is in other countries.

I don't like Hershey either as it's too waxy but when the bars are on sale at Kroger, they do in a pinch. I like the dark bars.

I actually think the DARK Hershey chocolate chips are better than TOLL HOUSE brand but that is not saying much. ;)

But no matter what brand we like, as long as it gets us through the next few minutes or task at hand!! Worth it. I DO eat milk chocolate sometimes.

Also, I DO eat mm with PEANUTS if they are FRESH. Good luck finding fresh candy. I am convinced Krogers candy sits in a warehouse way too long just like their crackers so try to buy chocolate other places. Even the Gen Dollar store has fresher M&M Peanuts.

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Dark chocolate is a good option as a 'sweet' for me as it is possible to find dairy free versions...

I'm really a vanilla girl and miss all the vanilla cakes and things...

But, I try to do low carbs and low sugar, but I do splurge on 2 squares of Lindt dark chocolate a day! :lol:

There are many places you can get dark chocolate covered pretzels--lots of towns have small candy stores that make them. I can't eat the gluten, so don't eat them. A big trend these days is chocolate covered potato chips!


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