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Any Way To Slow Adrenaline Surges?


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I have problems with adrenaline surges from time to time. My main complaint with POTS is tachycardia so it really makes that so much worse. But silly me still wants to get married in a open cockpit biplane. (Oh, did I mention I have a fear of flying?) It may sound crazy but my fiance and I wanted to do something memorable and I guess I felt like being brave so in November the two of us will be climbing into the front of the cockpit of a biplane with the pilot located behind us and saying our vows over the ocean. ;)

I do plan on taking a klonopin prior to the flight. I usually do that when I fly anyway to curb my usual flying anxiety. But I'm not sure if that will really stop an adrenaline surge from happening. Anyone have any tricks they've learned to slow one down? I just don't want my POTS messing up my day. However, I can imagine the possibility of it happening considering, 1. I'm already thinking about it, 2. the excitement/nervousness of getting married, and 3. the excitement/nervousness of being in an open cockpit biplane.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Wow! That's really cool! And congratulations!

I don't know if it can stop a POTS attack, but I do know that making an effort to really slow down breathing and breathing from the diaphragm (down in the belly) can help reduce the heart rate somewhat. I told my mom to try that when she had to drive through Milwaukee to get to my brother's house. She said it really helped!

It's the same type of breathing that's done during meditation. You could give it a try. It's free, and as far as I know, it shouldn't hurt you!


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well no offense but Biplane is RISKY for this illness. PRACTICE FIRST!

You feel the movement a LOT MORE in a tiny plane than a commercial jet...I take it you are aware of this?

My room mate is a pilot for single engine planes...when air was smooth, I could go up for short bits of time..but CIRCLING and TILTING the plane (FOR ME) triggered horrible vergtigo, headache and nausea.

I take it you have PRACTICED being in a plane for this?? Otherwise, you could spend the time you have immediately gotten off the plane lying flat.

Not to be a buzzkill just realistic. I get motion sick and had a huge fear of flying but decided to conquer the fear after watching my friend upgrade his skills with lessons and take his brother and friend flying. It was beautiful.

but then it got so anytime I went up, my 'brain' felt the tilt and it affected my ANS greatly...same with crosswind when we would take off and catch a dip, THERE went the stomach.

I hope you have thought this THROUGH THOROUGHLY. You could always get married in the plane on the ground. They are still magnificent planes on the ground and make marvelous photo subjects.


I take it you do not faint or have BP or HR plummeting issues? I hope you have a practice fly. Keep us updated as depending on my day, weather and wind conditions, flying affected me greatfly. I am too ill now to try it due to dizziness issues but did get over the fear of flying. Oh, and xanax does not help with the gravity issues in a plane. Sitting at the end of the runway while the pilot does a pre flight check list (ALL GOOD PILOTS DO!) I thought my HR would go thru the roof as I had no idea WHAT to expect..but the air was smooth as glass and I GOT LUCKY!!

imo, I would rather have a more MEMORABLE MARRIAGE than wedding but that's just my two cents! :)

Then again, some elevators, which I TRY AND ALWAYS AVOID, can TRIGGER my vertigo.

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Thanks, Amy, for the breathing tip. That might come in handy. Sure, doesn't hurt to try.

Sophia, thanks for the words of warning. I have many pilots in my family so I've been in all sorts of planes since I was a baby. I've never really had a problem with motion sickness. Dizziness isn't really one of my symptoms, nor am I fainter or have BP or HR plummeting problems. However, tachycardia is a problem for me and I know I'll be a mixture of excited and anxious. Hopefully the klonopin can curb some of that for me and chill me out a bit. The only reason I have a fear of flying is due to something I experienced on a commercial flight when I was a teenager. I think I actually feel a little better being on smaller planes. The way you said you had the feeling of your HR going through the roof is pretty much what I'm trying to figure out how to contain.

Morgan, I will be strapped in upright and the area is pretty snug so I'll have my husband-to-be right against me.

We were actually supposed to go up today as the pilot is trying to memorize all that he has to say but it's very windy. So we will be going up again sometime this week for a rehearsal in the sky. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't rain on our wedding day, otherwise we will be using the pilot's private jet - not as exciting but our parents would appreciate being onboard.

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Ok...by your FIRST POST i took it to mean you had a fear of flying and did not like planes PERIOD. You do not like commercial but do fine in tiny planes?? Interesting as you feel every little thing in those.

Well we are all different and that is good you are familiar with small planes. If you have been in them before, I would say a biplane would be similar except the wind in your face could also affect your ears so not sure what to say about that...when I go up even low altitude my ears pop. With wind force, could cause aggravation during or later.

I am glad you are planning a practice and again, my first response was under the IMPRESSION you had never BEEN in tiny planes. Or I would not have issued such a WARNING! lol

So good luck and keep us posted. :)

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Well, I don't know. But I think you should have a blast- come what may. This is a once in a lifetime moment and don't let anything worry you or steal your joy.

First of all- IMO- you can expect something to go wrong because thats the way it is with planned events. Its not realistic to think you can successfully micro control life.

If you ask me wedding days are planned out to the smallest detail. That's fine, you make the effort to have it a certain way, but if/when something goes wrong, accept it, laugh and enjoy.

On the other hand your should get your DRs. input on this and make sure you rest well the night before.

good luck!

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Hummmmm, I have a lot of wedding experience as a pastor; although not my own wedding to draw from. Something WILL go wrong. However, only you and a few others will realize it, if you even do. Enjoy the day. Do it your way. MAke memories for a lifetime.

As for adrenaline surges . . . my beta blocker keeps these at bay. I am on klonopin as well, it is pretty good. I'm so sleepy with klonopin though. I wouldn't want you to sleep through your vows or something!!! You might want to check with your doctor. SOmeone mentioned a good night's rest the night before. This will probably be a challenge with parties and such, but do try. Being tired, as you know, just makes the symptoms all that much worse.

When is wedding?

Oh, congrats too!


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