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Menstruation & Pots


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I used to feel really bad during my period and around it, but now that i have started midodrine, it is the 2 weeks before my period that i feel the worst...during my period it is worse than it used to be, but it my symptoms get extra bad and intense the 2 weeks before. So i guess that would be hormones, plus my periods are very light usually so im not losing too much blood, which is good since we all need more!

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My dysautonomia used to flare up for the week before and week of my period. Not fun! It basically put me on the couch all day. I just ended up totally exhausted and weak. For me it is the hormone changes. I do much better with steady hormones. I'm now on continuous birth control and have a period about 4 times a year. I still crash hard for the week of my period, but at least it is no longer 2 weeks out of every month. Plus, this way I can plan when I'm going to crash. It makes it much easier to get the extra help that I need for the week, or put off my period for another week if I need to.


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