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Decided To Take A Break From Beta Blocker....

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So I decided after having been on beta blocker for about 4 years, off and on, that I'm going to try to just go without. If anything, my major symptoms have been more confined to GI related problems, which I'm now trying to control with another med, so I think I'll be ok without beta......the only concern is the wear and tear on the heart, ie: before being diagnosed with POTS and before knowing that my heart was even going crazed, they found that my heart function was down...no one ever told me why, but they thought because i had been tachycardic for so long. my heart function is back up now, so i think i'll be okay.

... Just tired of taking beta blocker, so I'm going to stop for a bit....down to 40mg's of beta a day, weening off and doing ok. though my HR's are pretty high, I have been managing ok and the cardiologist doesnt seem to have a problem with me being off beta, so I'm going to see how it goes!


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I'm wishing you the best Angela!

Your young, and it sounds like you know what your doing---(meaning your weaning off slow, and you have contact with your cardiologist).

I wish I could go off mine, as there are some days that I get sluggish. However, my heart rate average on them is 80, and I still get break through tachycardia. I never see my heart rates in the 50s, and rarely the upper 60s. Only when I first wake up in the morning it's that low.

I've been on beta blockers for 17 years.

Maxine :0)

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Good luck Angela I hope it all works out, I wish I had enough guts to try to get off of them. I only take a tiny baby dose, 12.5, and on it my hr still goes anywhere from high 70's to 90's, and still get tachy episodes but don't want to go higher.

It does take a while for it to get out of your system and your body adjusted to not having them, so I'm told.

Please keep us posted on how you do. B):)

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