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Having Surgery


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Hello All,

I thought I would drop a line and say hello, and let you all know I am going to be having surgery today at 7:00 am. I am getting a PORT place. They are unable to get veins in my arms anymore, and I have one though 7 PICC lines so they said it?s time for a port.

I am a little uptight about it. I talk to the doctors about my worries?. Like infection is the big one but they (all my doctors) believe it the best option as I need long term ABX, and fluids.

I am hoping that in time I will no longer need the ABX for the lyme, and that I will be able to get it removed. So now I am going to have 4 boobs??. (That what I feel like my 2, plus my pacer, and now my port.)

Due to me being down lately and now having surgery there may be a delay in the t-shirt orders. I hopefully once I get this port places, and am able to get the meds I need, and get though all the POTS Stuff that goes along with surgery that I will be up and around again early next week!

Hope you all have a great 4th of July!

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Amy, I'm thinking of you--hopefully, your procedure was completely uneventful and you're already in recovery getting ready to come home. Hugs, Nina

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ditto to the above...hope you're now resting comfortably.

B) melissa

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Hi Amy,

I just wanted to wish you luck with the port, hopefully there will be no infections and things go smoothly. Sorry this is late, I haven't been posting for a while. Let us know how you make out! :)


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