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Mom And Baby Update


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Hi everyone!

I haven't been on much lately due to the arrival 2 months ago of my second child. She's doing pretty well. We're struggling with her GERD (reflux), which is something new to me. My other child never was a spitter-upper, so we're learning as we go. So far, she's gaining enough weight to have the doctor feeling pretty good about things, but I worry about her esophageal lining getting damaged -- she's raspy sometimes and wheezy. But mostly pleasant and adorable! I'll update some pics to her Web site soon and post a link on the Chit Chat forum when I do.

I am back in POTS mode, although not in as bad a place as many of you guys. I struggle mostly with muscle weakness and fatigue, plus now I have some irritable bowel-type symptoms that are new. And the dry mouth at night is back at full force. I wish I knew what caused this. My heart rate is under control with a tiny dose of Toprol and is better than it was pre-pregnancy, when I usually needed at least 25 mg.

So I just wanted to say hi and let you know I miss hearing about all of you, but it's not easy holding a baby, providing much-needed attention to my 3-year-old (who's experiencing the typical jealousy associated with a new baby sister) and trying to get back to work part time. I'll try to pop on when I can.


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I'm glad to hear that everything is going so well for you. Having a baby is tough on someone that is completely healthy, so having a baby with POTS can be so difficult. I went through that, so I know first hand. Take care of yourself, and don't be afraid to ask your family and friends for help. I tend to be prideful about that kind of thing, and I end up suffering alone for no reason. Get plenty of rest when you need it.

My little girl had GERD when she was born. She was my first, and I had no idea what to expect. I breast fed, so I couldn't imagine my baby having any gastro problems, but that was before I was educated on the subject. She took Reglan and Tagament, and that helped tremendously. It cleared up within a few months. I'll never forget having to put a bib over all her pretty outfits because I just knew she was going to spit up all over the place. Not to mention I had to keep those cloth diapers and wet wipes around for constantly cleaning it up. Seems like a lifetime ago; she is seven years old now.

Anyway, take care and keep us updated.

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Hi Amy,

Thanks for popping in to say hello and give an update. I'm glad to hear that things are going well (all things considered). The first few months are tiring for healthy people, so you have a lot to tackle with POTS! Keep hanging in there. It sounds like you're doing a great job. :)

We're looking forward to seeing new pictures!

Take care,


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hi amy,

thanks for letting us know how you (and the baby with the beautiful name) are! i know how it is to have to take care of the children (without having a part time job though) and i'm sure you have a lot going on!!! i am sorry about the gerd and hope that things will be better for her (and you of course).

looking forward to your pictures,

corina B)

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Glad to hear you all are settling in well with the new little one. Hope you are able to get some rest B) can't wait to see pictures!!


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Congratulations on your new baby girl. Children are such a gift. My daughter had GERD too, so I remember those huge spit ups. Feedings took twice as long because she used to spit up half of what she drank. I had to give up on breastfeeding after a few weeks because I was always nursing which was making my POTS so much worse. My baby girl is now eleven years old! She outgrew the GERD and had no long term consequences. My second child had no GERD and was a great eater. He was sooo much easier to feed. He is now 5 years old and will be 6 years this month. It is really true when they say that they grow up fast. I am starting to forget some details of when they were very young. My son is now the chatter box and my daughter is more reflective.

I hope you are able to ease back into work. That was such a stressful time for me. Be patient with yourself.


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hi amy -

so good to "see" you and to hear that things are going relatively well. i'm sure that there are times when it might not feel like things are going well at all (with the GERD, your own symptoms, etc) but that's probably the case for many new moms. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that things will get at least a bit easier with time. and while i'm sure it's near impossible, please do try take care of yourself the best that you can with all you're juggling.

thanks for checking in with us...

:blink: melissa

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