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News From Mimosa Hill

Dawg Tired

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We have been having a very wet year so the weeds and grass on the back side of the property have gone wild! So wild, the 3 goats could not keep up with it.

Rick's brother came up with what we hope is going to be a solution - Sheep! :)


So we went to the sale barn and only got one little lamb. We named him Lambo. When he gets bigger we will call him Rambo. He is part Masai Hair Sheep.


A few days later we found the ewe - she's a Shetland Sheep and extremely sweet and docile - she adopted little Lambo and they are always together. She's 7 years old, had twins this past spring, and the Amish girls we got her from just called her Granny.... we may or may not change her name. Yes, we brought her home in the Suzuki! Got a few funny looks from people on the road... :o


So yesterday our friends Pam and Steve were at the sale barn and he finds.... 2 more hair sheep just like Lambo! They were yearling ewes, just what we were looking for, so he bid on them and brought them to us.

Now our little sheep flock is complete - and with 4 sheep and 3 goats, hopefully the overgrowth in the barnyard and elsewhere will be taken care of.

One more.... Steve went to the sale barn to find a goat - and he found one. He showed it to us when he delivered the sheep - she is so adorable I had to get a picture of her too!


She's just a baby.... :)

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Too cute and funny. This is quite the extended family!! Love the car photo--

I am reading this and thinking --they actually went to a barn sale and purchased goats and sheep!! In my area a barn sale would be just your basic yard sale with some special treasures for someone, but not actual barn animals!! LOL.

Guess there may be a difference in barn sale and sale barn. LOL

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How adorable! It's so nice to see them in pictures--part of why I love the chit chat section b/c it gives us a place to see other parts of people's lives than illness. I had a friend who had goats and the goats were treated as if they were her children. :o So, congrats on your growing family!


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Awwww....so cute. We have a young girl who raises goats up the street from where we live. Her goats are incredibly tame and smart. She has one that she walks on a leash along with her golden retriever. She also has goats that will pull her in a cart up and down the street. She has a lot of fun with those goats. :o


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Well... this morning I heard a commotion under the window and peeked out.


There's 2 oranges and a black one.

Anyone need a kitty??

All male. They let me pick them up and handle them - someone has dumped a whole litter out.

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gayla -

i always LOVE your pictures & only wish i could live next door & visit all the animals myself. i used to go to a riding camp that was on a farm type setting and loved being around the wide array of furry friends...

thanks for sharing!

;) melissa

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Thanks, Gayla, for posting the pictures and sharing a bit of your life with us. My favorite was the baby goat. It brought back good memories. When I was little I used love going to a friends house and playing with their goats. The babies were always my favorite.

I hope the sheep and goats can keep the grass under control!!!


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Really enjoy the photos,thanks and keep them coming, Pat

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aww! i also love to see the photo's that you post of your animals!.. OMG they are so cute..kitties too!..I love the pic of the goat in the back of your car! hahahha! I know if i would have buzzed by you on the road with a goat in ur back seat i would have laughed! its so cute and funny!

thanks for sharing....looking forward to seeing more barnyard animals!

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