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Feeling Orthostatic Effects.....


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just wondering, i know after i have been standing A LONG time, i start to then get some strange head sensations, some light-headedness but typically i usually only get a lot of strange limb sensations, mostly in the legs - my legs get heavy, weak, shaky......

do you all typically experience one over the other more predominantly with upright position or both? neither?

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I would have to say I feel it in my head more then anything, but when I'm up and on my feet for a good length of time I will get the heavy weak feelings in my legs.

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i feel things body-wide. i have more "head" sensations now b/c i can't be upright long enough for the leg issues to kick in, but when i could be up more it was definitely a combination for me. now almost any upright time for me consists of sitting with my legs still up (i.e. propped up in bed, in a recliner, etc) wherein i still have dizziness issues after a bit but my legs stay perfectly fine. compression hose used to help me immensely with the leg issues, but they were still always there. uncomfortable legs, however, have never been a "warning" to me that i'm about to loose consciousness; they're just uncomfortable (though do/did indicate i was pushing more). when my dizziness/shakiness reaches a certain level, it's a warning for me that i'd better be voluntarily flat soon or else i won't have a choice in the matter.

so, in short, for me it's both.

:( melissa

p.s. i have other "leg sensations" 24/7 (numbness, tingling, burning) due to peripheral neuropathy but didn't think that's what you were referring to:-)

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