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  1. http://www.myspace.com/the_dancer_grl here is me
  2. I go to Walmart and get these bandanas that you soak in water and they cool you off for around a day before you have to resoak them...Neck Coolers or something of the like in the athletic/camping section
  3. no, but my oma immigrated here about 47-48 years ago and I've been overseas a couple of time to visit family in Germany and vacation with them in Europe in general
  4. Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you!
  5. i have low potassium as well but not that low, i get by on supplements and banannas and spinach (or is the spinach for Mg? I forget now...i think it has both actually) sorry i can't be more help
  6. my parents live in MO (Kansas City) so i live there for 2-4 months out of the year dep. on work and school
  7. only thing i can think of right now is checking for vitamin deficiencies (i seem to keep finding more vitamins necessary all the time... going in to get blood drawn to test for Mg def. Friday and already taking K as well as a multivitamin and Na of course). why don't you call and ask the nurse?
  8. that happens to me though not when i'm standing, i can be sitting down or even lying down w/ 50-60bpm and get the chest pain or standing (with sig. higher numbers ) and have chest pain... so sorta? yea. i have had that if you allow for lying down. but with the irregular beats i have that quite often, sometimes several times a week (my bp cuff tells me if it measures irregular beats...how awesome is that lol) with either low or high bpm. wonder why? hmm... well i'm glad you're feeling better now at least!!!
  9. i use a polar watch but they do require battery replacements like 2-3x a year in my experience (maybe i got a broke one or something dunno) but its a pretty good one, waterproof and simple to use
  10. hey, dont remember if i posted on this yet or not but I use Emetrol or the offbrand of it, its OTC and seems to help take the edge off at least on my nausea
  11. yeah i bruise super easily...my legs look like I've been splattered with paint a lot of the time and I rarely can figure out how I got them
  12. yeah, I'm with DYNA too and have been for a couple of years now...I love it and there are lots of kids, teens and young adults to consult with about school issues, peer pressures and etc.
  13. yeah, i carry a fan in my purse and dress in layers
  14. i do the same thing no fun but i find its best just to lie down and wait them out bc i feel worse if i don't
  15. yeah, emetrol (otc med) seems to help some though so it might be something to try out.
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