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Sick To My Stomach


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I have been diagnosed with gastroparesis and my symptoms are up and down with it, which i am thankful for because 5 years ago when all my symptoms started, i was CHRONICALLY, 24/7 nauseated - so the break in nausea from time to time is nice.............but i find that on ''good'' days, days when i feel like i have a HUGE appetite and can eat, eat, and keep eating, but by the end of the day, i am so nauseous that it is horrific (feeling it right now). why is it that on days when you feel pretty good, no nausea, and have a huge appetite and feel like you can eat non-stop (and do) and not feel full quickly, about 8 hours later you crash?!??! it doesnt make sense that you could eat so much, not feel like you're totally retaining a whole lot of food in your tummy, and then later on in the day feel so so sick??

do you guys experience this? i know jacquie has mentioned similar symptoms and is currently undergoing testing for gastroparesis....

....i know that gastroparesis causes partial (or total, depending on the severity) paralysis of the stomach peristaltic contractions to move food along the GI tract, out of the stomach -- so if this is the case, how come i feel fine on "good days", where i can eat non stop and not feel bloated or full quickly from only small amounts of food and then later on in the day feel so nauseous??

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I have IBS and I get the same symptoms as you.....is it anything alike?

I don't lose weight from it though although you think I would with how sick I get sometimes.

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For me gastroparisis is very unpredictable,I feel very bloated at times,that really don't make sense to me.Unfortunately, the only thing that is consistant,is that I get severely nauseated every eve. and during the night and wake every morn. sick to my stomach. After some water and a little food, I feel a little bit better,then the whole pattern starts all over again. Pat

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