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Dizzy Dame

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Hi guys,

I just wanted to give an update, because the last time I posted, my life was essentially falling apart. Carl has decided to stay for a little while longer, but he's still planning on leaving this spring or summer.

In the meantime, I figured out that I could take out more student loans to pay for my living expenses, and I don't have to pay them back until I graduate from graduate school (which should be 3-4 years from now). By then my doctors are all pretty confident I'll be able to work.

This means that I can pay for a caretaker without having to move or try to tangle with government services...which I'm sure I wouldn't qualify for anyway.

So everything seems to be great...or at least tolerable.

Thanks again for everyone's prayers and thoughts, I'm sure those are a big part of why I made it through this rough spell relativley unscathed.

Hugs to you all!


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lauren so glad tht you have something worked out for now.. and a plan set up for furtur down the road.. thank goodness... im right there with miss emily.. ive been worried about you as well!!

hang in there dear hope that sun peeking becomes afull bright sunny summer day!

love and hugs


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i truly cannot remember whether i've been answering on your earlier topic. but i want yuou to know that i'm very sorry about what happened, although, very glad now that you seem to feel better again. i really hope things will work out okay for you. i'm sending you some sunshine, as i think it might help you a little!

corina :)

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