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Endoscopy And Versed


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I'm scheduled for an upper gi endoscopy this week. In addition to being nervous about my eds hips and shoulders dislocating if they put me on my side, I'm a little nervous about the versed. I've had it before, when my ncs was not a problem, but don't know how i'll react now. anyone's experiences? (My only meds are zyrtec, allegra, singulair, benadryl, and pepcid--nothing for pots specifically.)

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I'm sure things will go very well for you. I recently had a GREAT experience with versed during an endoscopy. My GI was older and very experienced. I recall the nurses spraying a numbing formula into my throat and then my doc pushed the versed into my IV and I recalled nothing else.

Ages ago, (fifteen years) I had an ERCP (simliar to an endoscopy but a bit more involved.) The GI was very young and inexperienced. I had a bad reaction to the versed. I was very awake when I swallowed the tube. It felt weird, so I pulled it out, pulled out my IV and was very non-compliant. They kept on giving me more versed, which made me crazier. The doc eventually gave up on the test and sent me to another hospital where they performed it under general anesthesia.

I totally blame my reaction on the young doc's inexperience. Please tell me that you are using a very experienced GI. If so, you have nothing to worry about:-) When's the big day? I'll be praying for you.


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I've had many endoscopies, as well as c-spine injections where i was given versed. I've never had a problem with it other than taking about a day to recoup from the drowsiness.


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I had versed in May, and it made my BP bottom out, so they woke me up, and so I had both the colonoscopy and endoscopy awake. Apparently versed can do that, but that was the first time I'd had it in recent years to my knowledge. As far as the position goes, I'm pretty sure they have to do it on the side, but maybe if you talk to them about it they can use pillows and things that might help stabilize you?

My doctors were well-enough experienced, and had me on oxygen and IV saline during the procedure, but I still didn't do well on the versed. They were doing demerol for the pain, but I still remember all of it! Swallowing the tube awake kept making me burp.

I was still on my ProAmatine at the time of the procedures.

Good luck!

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Hi, I did the endo and colonoscopy a few months ago and had no problem. Maybe they could use pillows to prop and hold you (rehearse with them while waiting for doc to arrive) rather than making your body weight do it.

I was so thirsty during the prep that I just kept sipping, but not too much at once. I think they are concerned about vomiting and aspiration if there is anything in your GI tract. Sipping small amounts all day caused no problem and they did not scold me at all when I told them that I just HAD to have the fluid.

I loved the versed, actually.

Good luck.


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