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Gallbladder Is Gone!

Dawg Tired

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Well, let's see... it took over an hour to get an IV started... They did a "midline" in case I stayed all night. Took 4 tries to get THAT done. I was wheeled into the OR at 9:30... and discharged by ... NOON!! :unsure:

Yep, they wheeled me out to the curb and dumped me into the car while I was still groggy.... no waiting to see if I could go potty or anything like that.

Now, let me see - when I was in nursing school - which, I realize, was back in the DARK AGES - NO ONE was discharged until it was ascertained that they could, at least, "pass gas".....

When I was fully awake - sometime this morning - the full impact hit me and I am MAD!!! I, in NO WAY, met Medicare parameters for discharge!

Okay, back to bed now.....

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Healthcare these days is VERY frightening! This is coming from a Nurse who has POTS. I am still working, although part-time. I see it everyday even with people who have good insurance. They get D/C'd for surgeries the same day that once upon a time required an overnight stay. For my EP study, If they had NOT ablated any arrythmias I would have gone home the same day with two groin holes and one neck hole with only pressure held for 20 mins. and a small drsg. on the sites with an 8 hr. drive home. Now tell me how that is patient advocacy? Luckily they ablated two arrythmias and I spent one nite and then had an 8 hour drive with all those holes in my body and an increased risk for blood clot and had to get out of the car every two hours and walk around.

Take care of yourself now that your gallbladder is gone and if you have the slightest problem, get on the horn and call that surgeon!


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oh my goodness! that is terrifiying that you where discharged only after a few minute' hours.. my god!

I hope that you are doing ok today and feeling better..

its just horrifying that you where discharged after that short of time.. my cousin had her gallbladder emoved and was in the hospital for After her gb was removed.. i think 7 days total before surgery..

what is our helath care system coming .. how scary!

be well dear!

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Guest tearose

Already? Wow, you sure did get the express service this time! Sad that in the ER we wait hours and for surgery you are out in ...minutes.

Glad you are done with the surgery and I hope you will heal well and quickly,

Give yourself lots of time to rest.

Hope that soon you will be able eat better and feel better.

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gayla -

glad that you're home and that things went well but sorry you were pushed out to the curb. i was a bit surprised since you felt so good about the docs involved & generally they have to give the okay. i'm sure you were "stable" but geesh. i've been kept longer after an endoscopy!

i didn't do so hot after my surgery & was there for several days but even if i had we knew i had to stay & be monitored overnight. my neuro at the time (autonomic doc) didn't feel safe with me heading home as i'd had some issues post-anesthesia/sedation in the past.

i definitely am not a fan of hospitals but it's crazy how fast they (and/or the insurance companies) kick people out these days.

i hope your recovery moves along as quickly as the discharge!

thanks for checking in with us...

B) melissa

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I'm sorry you were kicked to the curb before you were stable. I remember (in the old days), GB surgery was MAJOR. Patients were hospitalized for a week or so and recovery was really tough. Now, they don't even ensure you can drink/eat or urinate. Shame on them!

Most imprtantly, how are you doing NOW? Are you able to eat OK? Is the pain subsiding every day? If you are taking narcotics, be sure to take a OTC stool softner or something to prevent constipation. I'm sending prayers your way. Post when you can!


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Oh boy... I am surviving. Still hurt - and now have gone off my Vicodin due to major constipation.... Taking OTC stool softner and Metamucil 3X a day. The house is a MAJOR wreck because Hubby doesn't see the point in keeping dished done up and he has to be reminded to scoop kitty litter boxes (and REPLACE LITTER!!!) and reminded to feed the cats. I can't load/unload the dishwasher because I still can't bend over.

Yesterday I made it to church - but miserably.

Today... hmmm.... still hurting - but NO heartburn/reflux - YAY!!!

Incidentally - I have lost 12 pounds in the last 3 weeks.... (I need to lose, ummm... 100 more!)

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